Modular Kitchen Bangalore

Your kitchen doesn’t have to look like a circus with the help of our modular kitchen designs we can maximize the space you have, Modular Kitchen Bangalore ensures your kitchen is more efficiently organized as well as transform your conventional kitchen. At Magnon India we offer you convenience and ergonomics, a style statement and a status symbol.

A Unique Style Just for You

Do you want to make your kitchen a centerpiece in your home? Then this V shape modular kitchen design is for you. Modular Kitchen Bangalore.The idea is to create a kitchen in the shape of a ‘v’ thereby creating an ample work and storage space. The basic color of this design is sea salt white, this is to brighten the kitchen and bring a reflection of daylight. With a combination of a timeless and elegant cedar brown for the ground units which gives a touch of class to your kitchen space.

As top kitchen designers in Bangalore, we create a space that is well lit and links easily to other parts of your home. You want a beautiful, timeless and functional kitchen and this design offers you all that. Our Modular kitchens are designed to incorporate all your cooking and storage needs. They also have a variety of options in materials and finishes. They are factory made and this means they come with precise dimensions.

We utilize quality materials such as MDF board, particle board, Water-resistant laminated surfaces to manufacture this modular kitchen model. These materials assure durability, stain resistance and long life of the kitchens. Our kitchen countertops come with a variety of options to decorate or even customize. The counter for this design is laminated in black to give the kitchen a touch of elegance and leave your counter stain free. Our kitchen cabinet adds a unique visual appeal to your kitchen space making it fun and elegant.

It takes real science to create quality and functional kitchen and that is what we aim to achieve.Modular Kitchen Bangalore Looking for top modular kitchen designers in Bangalore? Search no further because at Magnon India we will give you the zing factor.