Modular Furniture Manufacturers in Bangalore we wake up and start cleaning, don’t we?

We clean our teeth, face and our complete body thoroughly that too every day.

Don’t you think our home also needs such treatment once in a while?

At least after a month, we need to clean our house from every inch.

Bedrooms, kitchen, and every part of your home need a thorough clean to shine like new.

Deep cleaning also helps in reducing clutter which makes your home look managed and free.

Modular Furniture Manufacturers in Bangalore

Moreover, while daily cleaning, we don’t get time to clean and organize everything.

Also, some things didn’t catch our attention regularly and get too much dirty.

Corners, windows, and fans attract dirt and need to be cleaned to prevent the dust from becoming permanent on them.

According to Modular Furniture Manufacturers in Bangalore, if not cleaned on time, the furniture can lose its charm over time.

If you are too lazy or busy to give a quick touch to everything at your home, find a day in a month to get the sparkle back. Here is how to deep clean your house every month.

Make a schedule

If you feel that you can’t clean everything in a single day, make a plan.

Make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned and assign sufficient time. Divide it into 3, four parts and give proper time to do it.

You can even hire professional cleaning services if you think that it would not be possible for you to do everything. Since the number of holidays is limited for working people and they will not love to indulge in cleaning on such days. And that’s why professional services are best for such people.

Start from the fans

Turn your fan off and have a look to see how dirty it looks. We never notice, but it gets dirty too often and looks terrible when not working. The ceiling fan is something that you cannot clean every day, but it is not so hard that you schedule its cleaning for festivals. If not cleaned on time, the dust will start falling. Take a dry cloth or soft brush to wipe off the dust. If the dirt is leaving stains, use a slightly wet towel to clean because too much water can cause a problem. You can also clean the wings by taking them off.

Light fixtures and air vents

The light fixtures can start looking dull if not cleaned on time. The dirt on them will make your room appear dirty. Also, the air vents can attract and build up dust without your notice. You must be checking them right now. The dust here will start flowing in your room if not taken off on time. The Top Interior Designers and Modular Furniture Manufacturers in Bangalore will always suggest you cleaning them on time. If yours hasn’t recommended, take it now!


Whatever the color of your walls is, if you have kids in your home, they will look more like a spoiled rainbow. Sometimes, the furniture can also treat your lovely walls leaving marks on them. The kitchen walls get too much dirty due to the oil you use while preparing food. The situation becomes uncontrollable if don’t take it into account on time. Your storeroom walls are also prone to dust attack because of the trash kept inside the room. So, to keep your wall paint as beautiful as new, make some efforts every month to wipe off the unwanted shit.


What is the last time you cleaned your windows? No, we are not talking about the inside, the opposite side of the window often remains dirty making the view through it blurred. According to Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore, the charm could not be maintained just be cleaning what’s visible from the inside of the house. If the windows are not reachable, hire a professional to get it cleaned. Also, the blindfolds of your windows do get dirty. You might change your bed sheet often, but you hardly get time to change the drapes. From now, make sure you take your window curtains off at least once a month and give them a good wash.

The treatment for all the filters

The filter of your AC, vacuum cleaner, water purifier, and the chimney filter, everything gets dirty no matter you notice or not. The Professional Interior Designers and Modular Furniture Manufacturers in Bangalore say that not changing filters on time can lead to bigger issues. Changing filters on time add more time to the life of your appliances, plus it is a matter of hygiene too. Check out all the filters and clean them thoroughly. Replace the ones that are too old or those which are not working properly. Once you do this check, you will be tension free for the whole month.

Clean the appliances

The life of most of the people is dependent on machines in today’s time. If you are one of these, make sure you care for the well being of your devices. Help them stay as glorious as they were when they first entered your home. The overflows and leftovers after baking are sure to make your oven look bad. Clean with a good oven cleaner or mild detergent to get the shine back. Get everything in the refrigerator out and wipe off to prevent any mold inside it. Check if there is anything that needs to be thrown and organize everything for the next month.


Most of the people have modular furniture in their home which gets dirty too often and loses its charm if not cleaned properly. By properly we don’t suggest you to rub it harshly or cleaning with detergent every day, in fact, this is what you need to avoid. Wipe off the everyday dust with a soft cotton cloth. On your monthly cleaning day, check every part of the furniture for stains and scratches. Check if anything needs to be repaired so that you don’t have to worry about it when you are busy.