Over the decades, Houses became bigger whereas the balconies became smaller. At this point, if a house has a balcony the price shoots up to the moon. If you’re living in metro cities, it is quite difficult to have a large balcony with a minimum budget. Hence, the best interior designers in Bangalore are here to help you out design a perfect balcony with an amazing seating arrangement. Having a perfect balcony is just like having a glowing heart with wings. People, nowadays are loaded with plenty of work, stress and having a balcony could be a relief. It connects you to nature, makes you feel fresh. A balcony is not only about the seating arrangement; you need to consider various factors like having plenty of colourful plants, artistic pieces, ambient lights and lamps.

Before we go on looking at the seating arrangement, we need to use some tricks to maximize the balcony space. First of all, you can have plenty of mirrors on your balcony. Then use the vertical spaces for plants and artistic pieces try to bring in foldable furniture that can be replaced after use. You can have double duty items or even utilize the railings of your balcony to adjust plants. Once you’re done with all of this, Interior Design is in Bangalore can help you choose a perfect balcony seating design.

Crabwise Seating

This is the first kind of balcony seating, perfectly suitable for a small balcony. It could either be one-seater or two-seater depending upon your balcony width. Is quite comfortable and cosy, just like a small sofa. You can Load it with plenty of cushions just to fill in. To complement this seating, prefer a small coffee table. This is one of the most convenient seating arrangements that can be possible on a balcony. If you wish, there can be two parallel seatings to enjoy the balcony space. It is always recommended to keep spaces behind for plants. You can have bamboos or some long plants just to create a perfect ambience.


L-Shaped Seating

This is also perfect for a small balcony, but has much larger seating space. With this, almost 2 walls of your balcony would be covered leaving one for vertical decoration. You can have a wooden L shaped layout along with very light and cosy colours. Of the best interior designers in Bangalore recommend light tones in a balcony to retain the freshness and calmness of nature and plants. You can even have a DIY seating arrangement with wooden crates or a random wooden dining table at your house. Again with this, it is preferable to have coffee tables. Make sure that the tables are quite small yet spacious.


Free- Standing Bench

This is a very common solution when you do not find anything perfect. A freestanding bench is easy to move, can be kept anywhere on the balcony. It might not be very comfortable and cosy, but good work. You can have such a bench against the railing so that the wall space does not get wasted. The benefit of having a bench is that you can easily modify it once you get bored. To make it a bit comfortable, you can add pillows or cushions to the bench. If you are still wondering about the colour and the material, there is nothing good than the wood and its texture.


Bean Bags

If you’re looking for a very portable and comfortable seating arrangement then having beanbags could be a perfect idea. If you have a small balcony, consider having at least two large bean bags of bold colours. Certainly, make sure that the rest of the decor is based upon a lighter tone. If you have a glass railing and a fabulous view then a beanbag would be the best option. You can easily move it from one place to another, does not require construction cost also.


Casual Seating

How about having a simple balcony with just 2-3 plants along with three comfortable white chairs and lanterns. This is the best, minimalistic and simple balcony design that you can have without any cost. A white balcony with a hint of green looks mesmerizing. Speaking about the railings, prefer a glass railing along with metal. You can chill on the balcony; have a barbecue all night without cribbing for space.


Dining Sets

It is very difficult to incorporate a dining table into a small balcony but yes if you have a medium or a large balcony then you can have a dining table to enjoy your meal. Usually, the dining table measures around 29 inches where the chairs are measure around 23 inches. You need to carefully manage your space if you’re having a dining table out on the balcony. It is recommended to keep this design very minimalistic with just a simple rug and light


Slim-Line Seating

A balcony that resembles a runway necessitates horizontally distributed furnishings. This balcony, which has L-shaped seating on one end, makes use of the right-hand wall by hosting fold-out beach chairs and a coffee table. The focal point of the room is a potted plant.


Balcony With The Swing Chair

It is a very common idea, people usually pray for all swings on their balcony or porch. A stunning swing in the corner of your balcony could be adorable. Make sure that your swing is comfortable and has space to fit in cushions. This design takes up very little floor space and is very comfortable. If you feel that the seating space is less then you can complement this with crabwise seating. Now, you need to even choose the best combination of lights to create a relaxing ambiance.

Built-In Bench

A bench built into the wall is a fantastic method to add storage while also providing comfy seating. This design makes the most of every inch of available space and maximizes the utilization of wall space. The wooden panels on this modern bench seat mirror those on the balcony’s floor, giving the space a cohesive look.

This was all about having a seating arrangement for your balcony. No matter how small or big your balcony is, it is all about making space in it. You can decorate a small balcony in plenty of ways, without worrying about space. Apart from all of these ideas you can also go for a decorative hammock or even an armchair.

There can be two ways in which you can think about having a balcony. Firstly, there can be a minimalistic balcony with just plants and light tone wooden furniture. On the other hand, you can prefer plenty of bold decor items on the balcony wall and dozens of plants. It depends upon you how you visualize your happy space. In case you need any help from the best and the most affordable interior designer‘s in Bangalore.