Do you have outdated Kitchens? In the last decade the Kitchen industry in India has also considerably evolved. Look at the following aspects for better design. Replan your kitchen properly with a proper work triangle zone. Regarding the ergonomics in Kitchens, there are about 3 areas based on the placement of most used, less frequently use and infrequently use kitchen items. It consists of 8 distinct zones determined by different working and storage areas in a kitchen.Top ten interior designers in Bangalore.

As your work zone gets defined by strictly three points, the sink, the cooking range and the refrigerator. it makes a triangle which would get defined by the type of space available and next is the type of layout desired as the space. It can be L-shaped, G-shaped, Parallel countered, U shaped etc. Now- a day, popularity in modular kitchens and open style sitting, studio type is making L-shaped modular kitchens more efficient.

Modular Kitchen

Apart from it, we even customise the insides as per the need and location of your storage items and volumes. It included choices like simple drawers, cooking kit specifics, Pull out storage, dish keeping need, multipurpose drawers and sink related item storage to corner organisers. It also includes, tall units, half height units, floating units, appliance zones and grocery storage to crockery storage too. From position of your water purifier to dustbin, everything is taken care of efficiently.

One major decision to be taken is when the materials and colours are to be selected. Dark colours will not be good reflectors of light. Proper task lighting is therefore necessary for the type of activities happening in the kitchen. Deciding upon which lights and door handles and hardware also change the entire look of the kitchen.

Points for electrical sockets and wiring to be kept in mind before designing the entire space. What you need to be displayed in open on the walls, on your tiles, right from this small detail to your kitchen sink size all start mattering. The main function of a well-lit and well ventilated kitchen shouldn’t be forgotten.

Modular Kitchen

Material selection like MDF, Particle board, Solid wood and Plywood for Doors. Countertop materials like, artificial marble, granite, stainless steel or engineered stone would all decide if they blend properly also depending upon type of cooking in the house. We provide consultancy in regards to the suitable overall kitchen style. Italian modular, Acrylic modular, Aluminium or contemporary modular Kitchen, Laminated or stainless steel modular kitchen, bulky look or sleek and minimalistic etc.

With so much going on in any normal household Indian kitchen. how can the planning be easy? It’s time to connect with our experts. Walk in to your Interior Design Studio and Showroom on Kanakapura Road.