While the word best, can be subjective to every eye and every heart. Th best, always stands out from the rest. Mercedes or Rolls Royce, Titan or Tissot, Nike, Adidas or Puma, the brand value of these companies. Over the years, has redefined the word best. Looks, at this point in time, isn’t the only deciding factor on a rating scale of a product of best to worst. As rightly said by a wise man “Looks can be deceptive”. The main reason why, these firms/companies have progressed into being referred to as a “Brands”, is because they have mastered the art of product design, development and sales. “Luxury has a price, quality decides.”

Interior design, as an industry over the years has become to be known as a “carrier of luxury.” Although this statement, certainly may not be entirely wrong. The fact of it, changing teams in the future is certainly an option to be considered. As one wiseman said “Luxury needn’t be always unattainable. It can, always be something that makes way to life.” We believe, in giving life to every dream, more so than finding ways to increase your bill.

Design to installation, 3D, 2D and even 360-degree visualization is made possible at our experience centers.


Our designs

Interior designer in Bangalore

Why do we feel like the best interior designers in Bangalore?

 We feel so because of our team and the customers who help make their dreams into reality. Every order, we close and every house, we set out to transform into a home, makes us a part of a new journey were sure to learn from. Kitchen to the ceiling, floors to cabinet doors, handles or no handle, were sure the design of your wardrobe can be tailor-made to match your liking.

End to end is what we intent to provide in terms of product, quality and service. If weighed, in terms of quality, we are pleased to let you that we have been awarded with an ISO 9000 Certification. In case of quality, we have our own factory and team of installers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers, working around the clock to keep the quality and finish of our products always ahead of the curve.

Service and After Sales Service, is always treated like the need of the hour to make sure every query is answered and every requirement is catered to. With a team of over 2-300 employees, our interior design services in Bangalore is always open to design, develop, products at home at any point in time.

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If you in search of futuristic or Classic designs?

You can log on to www.magnonindia.com and click to view living room designs.

We in most cases transform homes from east to west. (Bad to good) in this case. In short, if you have a requirement, we have an answer/solution for it. Well, if we don’t already, we’re a 100% ready to go the distance, the question is are you? If you are then call us on 8880646464 today.