1,2,3,4 or 5 although, the title may just say 4. We at Magnon India, are well-equipped professionally and machine wise, to deliver the best interior designs in Bangalore, whatever maybe the BHK’s in your house or apartment in Bangalore. 1500+ projects, and after giving life to a few hundred or even maybe thousand dreams, we believe we have done and done it better every time around.

Sliding wardrobes, to an end to end modular kitchen, authentic or traditional or Feng Shui, any style you’d like to build your house into a home; our interior designers in Bangalore, could help your dream home come to life. Designed, produced and installed by the best 4 BHK interior designers in Bangalore.

interior designers in bangalore

In the unlikely event, of not having to see our interior designers in person at our experience center in Kanakapura Road. We could connect, on a Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Duo or Skype Call. If you are in search for an interior designer in Bangalore for your 4BHK home, we can seamlessly do more than just the job for you.

As they say Luxury has a price, our prices may be a little at the moment on the higher side. However, with a 15% flat discount on all interior design requirements. You shouldn’t be very far from an affordable price. Although, if you are in search of a modular kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore. Our sister brand Ozo Kitchen, was built to life to affordable modular kitchen designs. The Kitchens, start at an easily affordable price of just Rs 75000 and can be built to suit the décor of any home, in terms of, colour, sqft area, so and so forth.

Interior designer in Bangalore

The line gets, even thicker if you own a 4 BHK apartment in HRBR Layout or Kanakapura Road. Foyer area to false ceilings, living room designs to seamless bedroom, bathroom and end to end interior design. If you are just looking for a Modular Kitchen, we have the best modular Kitchen interior designers in Bangalore.

If we got you to fancy us. Log on to www.magnonindia.com , to check out all our designs and décor. While on the other hand, you just want to sign up to get your modular kitchen done. Log on to www.ozokitchen.com . You can also Call us on either 8880646464 or 9590351351 for modular kitchen design services in Bangalore and for end to end interior design for a 4 BHK in Bangalore.

Interior designer in Bangalore