In India, we face sweltering days. Fans do nothing, and even coolers fail to keep the temperature bearable. The scorching hot summers make it hard to sit and relax. It’s hard to work in the extremely hot temperature, and that’s when we need an AC to keep our home cool. 

Buying an AC is a great decision. You must be expecting cooler summers, but there is something more that you must think of. You will have to add more to your electricity bills as the electricity consumption of AC is quite high.

Every homeowner needs to choose an appliance that fits their needs, budget, and future budget as well. Yes, you have to think about the future as well because what’s the use of buying if you can’t even use the appliance in the coming months. Or what’s the application if the AC is not able to blow sufficient cool air. 

The Luxury Interior Designers in Whitefield suggest that since buying an AC is an important step for the improved comfort of your home, it’s crucial to make the wise move. Here is a guide you must follow in choosing the right AC for your home. 

Common Types Of AC

Mainly there are two types of AC. Window AC and split AC. Window AC is cheaper than Split AC, but it’s noisier than the later one. It’s easy to install window AC as it can be fitted in the window. Such AC is suitable for smaller rooms.  On the contrary, split AC comes in two parts. Since the compressor is present in the external unit, it makes less noise than the window AC. It’s hard to install as you need to drill holes through the wall to pass the cables. 

Split AC comes in a variety of beautiful designs and colors that can match your decor. The Ac can be even installed in a windowless room. 

Know The Required Capacity Of Your Room

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Finding the capacity of AC required for your room is a crucial task as there is no benefit of buying one if you can’t even enjoy the cooling effect. The tonnage of the AC refers to its capacity of cooling. The cooling capacity is measured by measuring the area and then the number of people who will stay in the room. British thermal unit (BTU) is used to measure the cooling capacity of an AC. Higher the BTU rating, the better will be the cooling. You need 20 BTU per square feet of area, and there are 12000 BTU in one ton. 

Select The Most Energy Efficient AC

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The running cost of an AC is what prevents most people from buying one. ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) is the ratio of BTU rating to the total power consumption. The star denotes the ISEER rating. Higher the star rating, the more energy-efficient is your AC. 

Some Air conditioners, despite having the same capacity, can differentiate in terms of their electricity consumption. Electricity efficient Air conditioners are expensive in comparison to others. Check how much time the energy efficiency of one AC will take in overcoming the extra expense. The home interior designers in KR Puram suggest opting for a low star rating AC if you will be using the AC for a little time. 

Inverter Equipped AC

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Inverter equipped Air conditioners are the best option if you want to choose one that’s energy-efficient. The AC compressor motor is controlled according to the temperature of the room and thus offers better performance than other Air conditioners. These air conditioners are known to have a longer life than the traditional ones. 

Air Filters 

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The interior decorators suggest checking the number and type of air filters in the AC. Modern Air conditioners offer a hygienic environment with air cleaning filters. The cleaners can clean the air and provides a bacteria-free environment in the room. There are filters for odor removal as well. So, by choosing the smart filters, you can create a healthy and germ-free environment in the room. 


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Everyone wants to feel the cool air on their bodies, and that’s when the air flaps provided in the AC helps. The flaps can help redirect the air in the desired direction. Air conditioners nowadays have the flaps to adjust the airflow. Some Air conditioners even have a remote to control the airflow. You can use the remote to adjust the flaps. 


The top interior designers in Bangalore suggest that refrigerated are one of the most important parts of an AC. The refrigerant is a type of fluid which creates the cooling effect by converting into the liquid to gas and back. R22 is the most commonly used refrigerant, which is now being replaced by R410a, which is better when it comes to environmental friendliness. In addition to being environment-friendly, the refrigerant R410a is energy efficient as well. It has a low boiling point, and that’s why it consumes lesser power. 

Remote Control 

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Remote control features are the best part. AC is part of a comfortable lifestyle. Nowadays, the tiring work schedule makes us feel so down that we tend to we want to relax comfortably in our beds and sofas. Standing again and again to adjust the temperature, airflow, and other things make us feel irritated, and we tend to think like let it be. So, opt for air conditioners that have the best remote control features. 

All-Weather AC 

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There are air conditioners that can generate cooling as well as heating effect. The Air conditioner can adjust accordingly in rainy seasons as well. The all-weather AC can serve as a heater in winter by generating heating effects. So, you can beat the heat of summers and chilly winters in just one go. These were some of the tips you should follow to make a better purchase. So, choose your valuable asset wisely. Prioritize your needs and choose an environment-friendly option. Go for an energy-efficient one until and unless it doesn’t cost you much. Go for a long-lasting option so that you don’t have to invest again and again.