Types of Colours For Bedroom

The bedroom must be the most comfortable place in the home. No disturbance and no distractions. It should be cozy enough to make you feel sleepy as soon as you lay down on the bed. Not only you need a comfortable bed, but the paint colors in your room also play a vital role in making your bedroom the ideal one. The luxury interior designers in Marathahalli say that your bedroom must also be energizing and energy boosting so that whenever you get up after a good nap, you feel refreshed and happy.

Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli


Light and colors have a significant impact on our mood. If the colors in your room aren’t your favorites, you might feel irritated and sad. Though you can’t always use your favorites in your place, you can always find the one that makes you feel calm and excited together. There are plenty of shades in a single color, and that’s why even if you don’t like a color you might love its other tone.

Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli


Sometimes, it’s hard to choose one that will look great on your walls and make you feel happy as well. In such cases, you must contact the best interior designers in your city. They will help you with a picture of how your room will look after paint and that way you can have a better idea of how your bedroom will look like. Don’t know the best shades of the year?

Let’s see the best color inspirations that go well with every mood and every taste.


Pastels never let you down. The color pairs well with steel blue and red shades if you don’t want an all peach bedroom. The color gives a soothing and calming effect when paired with jute rugs in lighter hues and a clean white and lightly wrinkled linen bed sheet. Let the furniture go dark to break the monotony. You might be mesmerized to find how good black and white wall art will look on this shade.

Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli


Deep Purple has been considered the best bedroom color by many. Deep doesn’t mean getting a darker shade. A plush, lighter yet deeper shade will make your bedroom so much better place. The color goes best with metallics and wood. White furniture will go better with this shade.

A lavender or light lilac shade looks regal and soothing as well. The color is energizing and adds so much of elegance to your room. Pop of purple will give a defined look to a room painted in the lilac shade.


Yellow is one of the most underrated colors in the palette. All the shades of yellow are beautiful, but most of the time it’s considered as a pinching color due to a few shades.

Lemon yellow is the crush of 2019 which when painted with white and grey gives such a beautiful look. Try a statement ceiling with white and yellow linings paired with grey walls. Again, grey furniture and yellow textile define the room better.

Though most of the people will find it surprising, mustard yellow is an excellent addition for bedrooms. It’s unique and energetic. The Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli suggest gaining the color with white furniture.

Even the sunny marigold shade looks great when paired with white and blue furniture. You will wonder how good blue and yellow can look together.

Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli


Forest green a plush shade that looks grand, refreshing, and energizing. This bold color has earthy tone and the natural green makes you feel like in the lap of nature.

The grayish green is best for the lovers of deeper tones. The color is known for its stunning and relaxing vibes.

The mintish pistachio green shade is something that we always dream in our summer bedrooms. With a headboard in the similar yet darker shade and natural wooden furniture make it perfect.

When you don’t want to change your white walls but want to add interest, a statement ceiling comes to the rescue. Sage green serves as the best option when you want refreshing tones from upside.


Don’t say beige is boring. The color is whitish yet warm. It’s subtle and dependable and that makes it the best go to. Pair it with natural wooden furniture and rugs for the best bedroom.

Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli


How can one not talk about pink while suggesting the best bedroom colors? From blush pink to pale neutral pink, these new shades give us better definition of pink. These sandy and peaches shade of this color will make pink lovable for everyone.


The Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli suggest bright red if you want something dramatic in your bedroom. Pair the high glossy paint with everything white and you will love the valentine inspired room.


When black is love, but you fear the bright shade making you feel down, soft black serves the job. It’s elegant and adds a vintage effect.

Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli


You get blue in various beautiful shades. The fresh airy feeling baby blue is the first and the best in the list. It will look great when paired with a linen bedding and white furniture. You can also go for brown furniture for a different look.

The glossy cobalt blue is something brighter yet calming. The lacquer like shine bounces light in the whole room. With a slightly light colored bed sheet, the room looks completely clean and sleek.

The next in the queue is subtle and moody steal blue. This gray like shade gives a darker shade to a room with colorful accessories.

You can also try deep navy, misty blue and sky blue shades in your bedroom. One more refreshing shade like the soft baby blue is green blue. The color is bold and comforting at the same time.

Luxury interior designers in Marathahalli

You must always consider that every color looks good in some of its undertones. Explore the undertones and you will have a surprising effect. Have you ever noticed that while pure white looks cold, the Swiss coffee shade of white is a warmer hue.