Types Of Doors For Your Home

Everyone loves a home that is secure and comfortable. Doors not only add safety to your home but privacy as well. Doors are the most important things in your home for decoration purpose also. So, the selection of the right door according to your need is a very crucial task. In the market, many types of door designs are available. The luxury interior designers in kanakapura road believe that you must choose the right doors as per the theme of your home. You need to consider material, design, colour, size, shape, and much more before selecting one door. In this article, we will share some crucial information about the doors. Doors can be divided into two major categories: on the basis of material and based on design.

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Based On The Materials

Doors are manufactured from a variety of materials. You will get various options as per the availability of materials in your locality. Though, all materials are available at all places nowadays, yet the best interior designers suggest going for wood that is native to your area because it helps you go eco-friendly.

Paneled Doors

These are the essential types of doors used in your homes. They are made up of wood, plywood, and sturdy board. Sometimes in these, the doors made up of glass are also available in the market.

Luxury interior designers in kanakapura road

Metal Door Types

There are a variety of metal doors available in the market that are highly sturdy and durable. These doors are useful as outdoor protectors. They are more robust and made up of iron, aluminum, and steel and became a great alternative to wood and save a lot of trees and make you environment-friendly. They have a long life and withstand any temperature variations. The best thing is the attractive look.


PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is similar to plastic, and the doors made up of this material is light in weight with more strength to resist rust and temperature variation. This is also a cheaper material than steel and wood. But these cannot be used for an entryway, and you can use them in bathrooms where both metal and wood can get corroded.

Luxury interior designers in kanakapura road

Flush Doors

These type of doors are made of plywood and are incredibly smooth. These types of doors are designed to be used only in the interior of your house. Their frames can be manufactured from steel and wood. These doors are economical and have a great look, but these are not resistant to water and hence serve best as bedroom doors.

Bamboo Doors

Bamboo doors are mostly made with the combination of jute in it. By adding jute, these doors become very useful and strong, and that’s the reason they can be used as your main door. These are also resistant to water, rust, and termite, plus these are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Luxury interior designers in kanakapura road

Glass Doors

These type of doors are used inside the house for a look into the garden and street. But these cannot be used as the main door because they are not strong enough to keep your home safe. But they are used widely in shops and shopping malls as temporary doors. Moreover, you can use glass doors in your Pooja Ghar.

Aluminum Doors

These type of doors are very strong. There are many other types of items made from aluminum, such as windows and drape walls. They also can tolerate bad weather conditions and are more efficient than other materials. Furthermore, doors made from aluminum come is a variety of designs and can be managed according to any space. Painted in vibrant colors, these doors really look amazing.

Luxury interior designers in kanakapura road

Timber Doors

As we know, these are the basic type of doors available in the market. Local Carpenter prepares these wooden and timber gates. This type of doors are very strong and have a gorgeous look. When painted, they look mesmerizing because the handcrafted designs give a traditional yet elegant look to the doors.

Fiberglass Doors

These type of doors are mostly used because of their look. These are solidified doors with a cheaper expense as compared to wood and aluminum. Everything is clearly visible through them, and that makes them a better alternative to glass because of their long life. They are also available in numerous colors.

Based On The Design

The luxury interior designers in kanakapura road say that design plays the second vital role after material. Here are the types of doors as per designs.

Hinged Doors

These are the most commonly used type of doors in homes. In these types of doors, one side of the door is fitted with two or more hinges and the other side swings freely to cover up space. These type of doors are the first choice for many people because of the comfort they offer.

Luxury interior designers in kanakapura road

Dutch Doors

As the name suggests these type of doors are divided into two parts. These types of doors are used in kitchens and storerooms. The villa and apartment interior designers in Bannerghatta road suggest buying these doors for easy opening in kitchens.

Pocket Doors

These types of doors are used when there is less space. These doors are designed in such a way that when you open them, they slide and go beside the other. So, two gates can be fitted in the space of just one. These type of doors are used in bathrooms and stores.

Luxury interior designers in kanakapura road

Roller Doors

These are also known as sectional overhead doors and are generally used for dividing your interior from a garden. These doors are also used in garages.

Bifold Doors

These type of doors are designed as they can be folded many times to give a very vast entry, and then they can again open to cover the area. These types of doors are hinged together and can be used in the kitchen and closets.

French doors

These doors are generally a set of two hinged type doors and are used to cover a large opening. These doors are hung on two ends and meet at the center to cover the area thoroughly.