Interior Luxury Designer in Bangalore, What’s up guys? No! No! We are not asking about your well being but what is actually above you. Yeah! You have guessed it right; we are asking about the ceilings. Is it an old boring one or something that you would love to admire and adore? An old boring traditional styled ceiling may not interest you but a false ceiling definitely can. False ceilings make your ceilings look trendy and elegant and can keep your eyes busy looking up to your ceilings and admiring it again and again.

Interior Luxury Designer in Bangalore

Ceilings were usually neglected in the olden days and were supposed to be dull and boring. But now it’s just the opposite, modern-day trends call for an attractive ceiling trend. The Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore have achieved laurels in embellishing your ceilings following the false ceiling trends booming the interior decor industry.

Let us first understand what is actually a false ceiling

False ceilings are considered to be an artificial ceiling or an extension to the actual ceilings of your buildings. Also, they are termed to be dropped ceilings which can be installed with lights to add grandeur to your house. These false ceilings are supposed to be an additional ceiling layer constructed below the original ones to add glamour and magnificence to your rooms. They make your house explicit an ethereal, appealing and above all a stylish look. Here are few ceilings to embellish your house

Tray ceilings

As the name suggests, these tray ceilings actually look like a tray the only difference is you instead of serving tea coffee on these trays you can serve some light and grandeur feel to your guests. Tray ceilings have the power to mirage your small and spooky rooms, and make the rooms appear big. Tray ceilings are ideal for your home sweet home, and the elevation between the false and original domes creates a ripple and accents your home with the lightnings that you can use in between them. You can get in touch with the Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore and get your home new look by these false ceiling trends.

Drywall ceilings

If simplicity is your motto, then these drywall ceilings are for you. Drywall ceilings is a symbol of simplicity and soberness. These ceilings have a plain flat surface and can be decorated easily with a bit of your efforts if you wish to add some embellishments to your ceilings. You can simply take out your step ladder and do it on your own.

Interior Luxury Designer in Bangalore

Wooden ceilings

Wooden ceilings are love; one can easily get fascinated when you have some wood on top of you adding to the luxurious look of your house. These wooden false ceilings can take you back to the good olden days and let your home have a relaxing and relishing environment. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and other such lightnings can add more glory and charm to the look if you happen to install them on these false ceilings. In today’s world, you can find many trends going back to take its inspiration from the ancient people and ancient times whether it may be clothes or decor. Wooden ceilings are one of the best examples to adopt the retro theme. Ancient people used to make wooden houses, and in today’s world, we have Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore and Top Interior Designers taking up this retro trend to bloom with some magic of their hands. A rustic themed home and cathedral styled ceilings are what you can have by installing your house with false wooden ceilings. Not only does it add on high definition to your ceilings but makes your home look unique and above all you cannot stop hearing compliments from your guest.

Interior Luxury Designer in Bangalore

Suspended Drop ceilings

Have you seen those metal grid ceilings suspending from the original ones? If yes, then they are the suspended drop ceilings that you can add on to your original ceilings to make it look stylish and functional. Further, you can add lights and bulbs to it to let it accentuate the look. You can also opt for these ceilings for your office and deck it up with a new style that does not look fussy and serves good in the functionality.

False ceilings with wall facing coves

In these ceilings, you have a place for lighting at the sides to add the lighting effect to your rooms. A POP ceiling with grooves at the sides is what this trend is all about where you can get the glittery LED lights to take its place to make it look grand. These grooves cut downs the light of LED’s hitting your eyes directly and reduces the sharpness and glare. Not only does it provide ample light when you drop down for sleep but fills your room with incandescence making it look cosy and warm.

Interior Luxury Designer in Bangalore

POP Rafters

Rafters are not just restricted to wood but have paved their way to the POP world too. Yes, you have heard it right POP’s can also be used for making rafters on your ceilings to give a sophisticated and stylish look to your ceilings. Few Led colored lighting in between these rafters will be an add-on and fill your rooms with cosines and a comfy vibe.

Glass false ceilings

The beauty what glass can add to your home decor is matchless. Not only do these look elegant on your ceilings but can play a forefront in complimenting the muted colors of your walls. Framing these glass ceilings with dark colored wooden frames can be a perfect finishing touch to add more richness and a pinch of luxury to your ceilings.

Interior Luxury Designer in Bangalore

Coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings are another great option that you can use at your home to adorn it with an architectural grandeur. These ceilings are closely related to the wooden ceilings because they are also made of expensive wood and are intricately designed to add beauty to your house. The Best Interior Designers and Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you in owning a house installed with a maze facade ceiling that enhances the intricacy and adds a definition of your style.

So by now, you must have realized how a false ceiling can make your house look like a dreamy one. So what are you waiting for? Get connected to an interior designer architect in Bangalore and style up your home with beauty and grace.