Interior Luxury Designers in Bangalore food is an integral part of our life. We learn to eat as soon as we grow three years old. But, what matters more than just eating is eating properly. Dining table manners are something we all need to know so that we can look well educated. Your eating habits may or may not make you well behaved person depending on the way you present yourself on the dinner table.

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There is a difference in eating with family and eating with someone whom you know professionally. The professional bond requires you to be a bit more formal than usual, but still, even while eating at home, some etiquette should be followed. Moreover, if you are inviting someone at your place for a meal or if you are taking someone out for a meal, you need to be a good host. If you are the guest, then also some rules are for you to show the positive side of your personality.

To help everyone who wants to be a charming personality at the dinner table, we have summed up some critical dinner table ethics.

If you are the host, be in charge

The host should also be in charge, but that doesn’t mean you will be going to serve the dinner or something. Since you are hosting the meal, you have to choose an appropriate place for dinner. You will not want to listen that there isn’t any free table at last point, so it is better to reserve one before. While choosing the restaurant, if you know something about the choice of the guest, make sure you select according to their comfort. If you know the place well, you can also suggest your guest some good food items on the menu.

Respect the dietary preferences

The vegetarian and non-vegetarian things always come in. If you don’t know the dietary choices of your guest, choose a place suitable for both types of foods. If your guest is a vegetarian, eat something vegetarian to give a company. If you are the guest, and your host is giving you a chance to choose your meals, you should also think about the comfort of the one sitting in front of you. Moreover, if there is no specific interest if both of you, you can enjoy whatever you like. As a host, you should, however, let the guests eat whatever they love.

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The utensils trick

You would have never imagined that remembering the location of the utensil is that easy. The two sides right and left have five and four letters in them respectively. Similarly, food has four letters and drink has five letters which gives you a simple hint to know where the utensils go. So, the food will go on the left side, and the drinks will go on the right side of your dinner plate. The fork which is a four letter word goes on the left and spoon and knife have five which tells that these will go on the right.

Let the waiter know when you are done

You should know the signs of rest and finished to let the waiter know when you are finished without even talking. The rest position is when the fork and knife are placed parallel, the knife being on the top and the fork being in the middle. The finished position is also very simple where you have to put both of these diagonally in the plate. The fork should be below knife, both crossing each other and the waiter will understand that you are done.

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The to-go box

When you go for dinner with your family, the go-go box is quite a good habit. But, when you are on a business meeting, asking for the leftovers to be packed doesn’t seem better. Let the leftovers be there for that one day to add some points to your dinner table ethics when you are with someone you know by profession. Even in friends get together, the doggie bag is a hint that you are going wrong. So, better keep it up to family meals only.

Be polite

The waiter is there to make your dinner better, so you don’t have any right to make their job hard. Being polite goes a long way. It is an important aspect of someone’s family that how he/she behaves with people around. Talk to him politely and answer him respectfully. Use the words “please” and “thank you” while conversing with the hotel staff.

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Don’t forget the eating manners

Don’t talk too much while having dinner! Don’t make noise with your mouth while eating! Eat slowly! Don’t make noise with the spoon! These are the things everyone is habitual of hearing since childhood, and that’s why there are no chances of forgetting. Still, make sure you aren’t lost in the food so much that you forget simple eating manners.

Napkins and tissues are not the same

The napkins on the table are not there to be used as tissues. If you feel like blowing your nose, move towards the washroom. The napkins are only meant to clean the food across the corners of your lips.

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When to start

The simple etiquette here is to wait until everyone else on the table have been served. Especially on a table of two or three people, wait until everyone has got their meals. If you are on a professional dinner by Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore, you can start when the host asks you to do so. Moreover, it is your personal choice to wait for the host and the other people’s food to be served. And, this is quite a good habit of showing the pleasant side of your personality.

Being too formal

Being too formal cannot be included in dinner table ethics. Especially if you are on a professional dinner, you should never be too formal like pulling the chair for the guest. You can show them the way and their seat but it’s over to pull the chair for them. Let everything go smoothly and professionally as suggested by Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore to prevent the situation from being awkward.