Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore – Marble is a beautiful stone gifted by nature. After proper finishing, it can be changed into beautiful flooring. You can find a vast range of varieties of stones and marbles in different colors. Marble stones are not only one of the best building material, but the appearance is also mesmerizing. When it comes to flooring, you need to make a wise choice because the effect created by the floor can’t be avoided. And that’s why we suggest marbles that give a luxurious look to your home.

Leading Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

You can buy different types of marble for incorporating different looks in your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallway and other parts of your home. According to Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore, you can find them in a range of prices according to your budget. There are over 3000 varieties in marble all over the world. To guide you with choosing the right type of flooring, we have enlisted the best marbles below.

Granite marble

Granite marble is one of the most popular marbles and is also sturdy and durable. It comes in over 250 elegant colors. It is a sturdy stone and sculpts at high temperature. It is mostly used for making the countertops of the kitchen because it doesn’t get affected by the heat produced by the kitchen stove. Moreover, its color can get altered by the high flame and can cause stains and dark patches, so it is better to keep fire away.

Leading Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Calcutta marble

Calcutta is the richest when it comes to marbles and it is a very rare quality of marble. It gives your home a fabulous look. It is too similar to Carrara marble and the little different between the two is color or veining of the marbles. Calcutta marble has a bright white color and dark, thick veining patterns. On the other hand, Carrara marble has elaborate grey veining and is also white. Because of its rarity, it is placed the list of the flooring stones.

Emperador marble

Emperador marble is also a beautiful quality of marble. It is a Spanish native and formed in dark and light brown colors. If you have golden or brass furniture at your home, this one must be your top choice.
Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest you go for it if you love the vintage look and copper shades are something you like.

Leading Best Interior Designers in Bangalore


The Venetian construction makers designed terrazzo for the first time. It is a low price flooring material and is prepared with the use of marble chips. It stayed a hot trend in the past year’s, disappeared, and has made a grand entry again. Nowadays it is made of glass, marble, quartz, granite or other acceptable chips. The beautiful marble piece is already rocking the grand designing trends of the year. Terrazzo also needs care like natural stones.

Italian marble

Italian marble is an amazing material.  It belonged from  Italy. It has wonderful beauty that can enchant your eyes. There are limitless varieties and colors of Italian marble for interior designing.  Modern days anybody wants to use marbles at home. People like to use this marble in their kitchen, countertop and dining tables. It also uses for the decoration of the bathroom wall or another wall of the house.

White marble

White marble has top place in the choice list of the marbles. White marble consists throughout the sedimentary carbonate rock. White marble is highly demandable among the Greeks and Romans and, for decennium, they both have been used for carving and construction.  It is easily paired with other colors. It is known as the finishing stone, but when it is in compressed form, it used to the build and repair of highway.

Leading Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Kota stone

Kota stone is the best natural stone. According to
Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore , it is a naturally present stone with the best mingling shades. It is generally available in the Kota city of Rajasthan state of India. It has many attractive colors like black, pink, grey, brown or beige. But it’s the brown color that is used best for flooring. It’s physical features like non-slippery and hardness make it remarkable from other stones. Generally, it is used in two forms: rough and polished finish. Due to their rebellious features, Kota stones find a variety of applications in chemical factories too.

Leading Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Toronto marble

Toronto marble is one of the most demanding stone in the Indian market and the international market. It is perfect for both interiors and exterior flooring. It is one of the best quality marbles and available at suitable prices. You can get it in different shapes like natural blocks, fixed slabs, and tiles. Something that attracts people most is stunning border linings. Toronto marble has its multiple uses like wall coverings, borders, floorings, and many other handicraft items. It has its glance and shines naturally that makes it extraordinarily beautiful. Due to the incredible beauty and extreme applications, the time stone is used for both residential and commercial projects.

Leading Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Travertine marble

This natural stone is produced in warm spring and rock shelter of limestone. Another product available in the market is travertine tile which is made if the same marble only. You can find it in many classy and trendy colors, and that’s what gives a magnificent look to your home. It is the best alternative for other flooring stones because of its satisfactory price. Travertine tiles are mostly used for both outdoor and indoor flooring due to sturdy material. It needs specific care and regular filling of the pits for long-lasting beauty.

Slate Marble

Slate has a typical craft pattern, and it looks incredibly beautiful. It comes in an ample number of shades many like green, black, grey, dark red or mottled purple. It is sturdy and difficult to crush, and that’s why it serves as the best flooring material. It is considered the perfect choice for outdoor flooring. It is very durable and lasts longer if maintained properly.
Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore consider slate marble as one of the most affordable options due to its easy availability, a variety of colors, and not so high price.

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