Bangalore Luxury Interior Designers Magnon, How much time do you spend in your bathroom? The minutes or hours doesn’t matter, But probably for many of us bathroom is more than just a room for bath, It is also a place where we get some alone time to relax, wash off the stress or get ready to gain more energy.

Bangalore Luxury Interior Designers

So don’t you think it should be given some special attention and it needs a touch of luxury and opulence. Whether you are building your new home and want top build a luxurious bathroom or you are renovating your old bathroom the following tips would help you in designing a luxurious bathroom.

Set Your preferences:

This is the first step to start with when designing the bathroom. Based on the available space and who uses it, you should decide what the bathroom should have. Whether you prefer to have a tub, showers etc; Once you set the preferences you can plan the other accessories according to the space and budget.

Bangalore Luxury Interior Designers


Any place can look classy when it is out of clutter. So it is important to plan proper storage space like cabinets, shelves to keep your bathroom clutter free. Plan separate space to store  the toilet cleaners, beauty essentials, Towels, and invest in special organizers to store electronics like hair dryer, stylers etc. Also create small storage space to store the bands, clips and other essentials. This kind of organizing even the smallest things would really make the space look elite.


Bathroom flooring plays a vital role in deciding the overall look of the bathroom. Our best interior designers in marthahalli suggest matching up the flooring with walls. This would make the space look bigger and elegant. When selecting the flooring for your bathroom there are many factors that you should keep in mind apart from the point how it is going to look. The first thing to consider is the durability. And the other things the maintenance efforts it needs, non slippery nature, scratch resistance should also be kept it mind.

Bangalore Luxury Interior Designers


This evergreen trend is live from decades and would continue. Because of the fact that wallpapers can add great elegance to any place, many opt for wallpapers in their rooms and bathroom is not an exception for wallpapers. If you are wondering how you can maintain the wallpaper in bathroom where they can be damaged by water, worry not waterproof wallpapers are available everywhere in the market. You can opt for the ones that goes well with your flooring, accessories and taste.

Taps and accessories:

Things like commode, bath area, basin, taps and other storage accessories can play a important role to amp up the grandeur of the bathroom. Make sure the accessories that you select are of high quality and easy to clean. This will ensure that your bathroom stays new for long and can save you lot of money in long run. So spend on quality and save.

Painting :

You don’t have to really spend a fortune to make your home or bathroom look luxurious. Expert interior designers in bangalore suggest that colors play a important role in deciding the look of any room. So if you are not covering your walls in bathroom with tiles, marbles or wallpapers, pay attention when selecting the wall painting colors. You can also play around by opting patterns which would boost the elegance of the room without needing you spend more.

Focal Point:

Focal Point is not just for living room or bedroom. Add a focal point for your bathroom which would act as the point of attraction. A mirror would be our first choice as focal point for the bath place. A big fancy mirror can be a great focal point for the bathroom. Mirrors can actually make ever small spaces look bigger and spacious. So a big mirror would be great choice to make even a small bathroom look spacious and luxurious.


Curtains can make a big difference in the look of any room including the bathroom. They can make or break the look of any room. It is important to pay attention when selecting the curtains especially for the bathroom. Poor choice of curtains can make the entire room look dull. Take the help of the best interior designers in bangalore to select the right curtains for your bathroom.


Since bathroom is place where we also relax and release our stress, a touch of greenery to your bathroom can make it more calm and even give it a spa like feel. Decorate it with some plants which would require less sunlight. It would definitely bring a great charm to your bath place.


You might be thinking we are going to suggest about the fancy lights that makes your bathroom glow. Of course it is true that these fancy lights add lot of luxury style top your bathroom but we also suggest you to not ignore natural sunlight. It is highly essential to make a path for sunlight to pass in to the bathroom. This acts a natural disinfectant as well as keep the toilet clean.


Before you buy anything or plan your bathroom construction one of the most important things to consider is its usage, Answer these questions before you plan. Who will use it? How much traffic is it going to experience? So depending whether it is used by kids, or elder people or just by guests you need to plan everything right from flooring to accessories.

So, Luxury is not always about buying expensive items for you home. Its about choosing the right items according to the needs. Being the top interior manufactures in bangalore, our experts at Magnon India always give equal importance to design, quality, durability, ease of maintenance. Bathroom is one space that will require lot of maintenance right from its accessories to flooring, walls. So it is important to keep all these things in mind to make your bathroom look new and luxurious for years.

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