kitchen designers in jp nagar, Inspired by function & elegance, the end result is our super efficient Kitchen chimney. It does not just suck fume or smoke, but also ensures that your counter top is free from any unwanted layer of oil. Discover your perfect partner in kitchen with perfect mix of style and performance. Look out for our complete range of Kitchen chimneys. It’s time to quit smoking!

Modular Kitchen

To begin with, space required and available to install the chimney must be known. Before you decide, do take a look at the types of chimneys available as it requires powerful suction capacity to function properly. Its performance depends on this feature and is a governing factor when it comes to choosing a chimney. As a thumb rule, a chimney must extract 8 times the volume of air in a given space. For the best results, always choose a chimney with sturdier motors and high range of suction capacity .
The distance between the stove and vent opening also affects your decision about selection of a chimney. To keep your dream kitchen free from grease and odours, investing some time in its maintenance is necessary. Cleaning a chimney is not a difficult task as our latest models either come with an auto-cleaning feature or easily removable filters.
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