Vastu? For TV units? Really?Magnon (Luxury interior designer in Bangalore,Home decor in bangalore)

Well, before you start speaking or convincing the others about it. You need to understand some basics of Vastu. Objects kept at certain places in our homes or offices have a positive or negative impact on our lives in some way or the other. Luxury interior designer in Bangalore,Home decor in bangalore. This is because, any interior object is symbolic of an element and emotion, and fulfills a function, small or big. TV for example has main function to provide us with information and entertain us, relax us and refresh our minds. Therefore, its placement in the right Vastu Direction/Zone is of utmost importance. Luxury interior designer in Bangalore,Home decor in bangalore.

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So, according to the Science of Vastu, the East-North-East, (the Vastu Zone of Recreation & Fun) is the ideal place for a TV. In the East Vastu Zone, it improves the social connectivity and awareness of the viewers. In South-West Zone it is beneficial to its viewers- a skill enhancer. And a TV, when placed in the West Vastu Zone of Gains proves beneficial to people, particularly in trading business.Home decor in bangalore.

In the present home decor scenario, televisions are getting bigger and better. Popularly that is available in a variety of styles and different sizes. There is a huge range of TV unit designs to suit your type of space available and the overall aesthetics. Every space has different type of styling and layout that’s important for TV unit location which suits area and viewers. So don’t just think of Unit design, but also consider the effect on people who gather around.Home decor in bangalore.