What’s the busiest and most used part of your home? Definitely your living room. You spend hours playing games with your siblings, entertaining your guests, watching a family show together, and build the sweetest memories, all at one place. So, your living room is a place that needs your attention and not even once but after regular intervals of time. The experts of home renovation in Bangalore suggest renovating your living room just the time when you feel it has started feeling bored. 

You don’t have to spend too much and replace expensive stuff. A lot of things can give a new look to your room without wanting you to spend much cash. Moreover, you can do a lot of things during the monthly cleanup such as rearranging furniture, removing and adding decor items. You will see that every little effort makes a significant impact on keeping your living room lively. 

The living area needs regular updates because it is used more than other parts, plus it comes in contact with visitors than any other room. So, you have to keep it rocking every day and every moment. 

Below are a few things you must try to renovate your living room for better. 

Do The Color Magic in living room

Choose a new palette, and you will have an entirely different living room. The area gets the most attention, and that’s why it needs a perfect colour choice to make it do everything correctly. Painting is also a not too expensive investment that has excellent returns. It gives your walls a new life making the stay better for long and turns the look of focussed are like anything. 

Gray, beige, and white are all the best shades if you want to go neutral and the dramatic pallet offers some shimmery shades like golden. You can also choose earthy orange or brown for a bold choice. 

Reconsider Your Layout 

The home interior designers in Whitefield suggest changing the layout if you don’t want to invest in anything. Give a thorough cleanup to everything and change the layout of your living area. Move furniture in and out. Yes, in and out. Take something out and bring something in. 

You can also move your living room to another room to entirely transform the space.

Revamp Your Furniture in living room

The furniture in your living room might start looking old. Since buying new furniture pieces is a significant investment, revamping can cut sufficient cost. It is also an environment-friendly step. If the frame of the furniture is of good quality, spend some bucks and revamp upholstered furniture. You will find it a cost-effective and quick way to save your furniture. 

Paint the wooden pieces and give them a new look. Recover the original shine with a new polish. 

The Flooring Renovation

Replace carpets and rugs if the surface is still in good condition. Most of the times, it’s the old carpet that makes the flooring look bad. So, it’s better to buy a new one. 

However, you can also renovate your surface at a lower cost with vinyl tiles and wooden laminates. Both these are highly durable and affordable flooring choices. These are beautiful and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it possible for you to choose something that suits best. The best thing about such flooring options is, you can install them on top of existing floors. No mess, and you will have new levels. 

Get The Perfect Lighting 

Lighting is the best thing to set the mood and add ambience to your living room. You want lights for everything. It makes the room brighter at dark hours, glows an artwork, and works as a statement piece as well. 

Expand Your Living Area 

Get some beautiful lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights, and picture lights to transform your living room. The luxury interior designers in Hebbal suggest focussing on the gallery wall and central area to decorate with lights. 

If your living room feels right and compact, you might want to share the space with the side by room. If an attached room is free and the wall separating the two isn’t load-bearing, you can do the messy job of breaking the bars. 

You will not only have more space, but you will also be able to add more accessories and creating better seating. 

Don’t be electrician; let the electrical part be handled by a professional only. 

Faux Space 

Who doesn’t love extra space? We all try to make our rooms appear larger than they are so that there doesn’t arise a feeling of crowdedness. 

Bumped out walls for shelves, high ceilings, statement pieces, white ceiling, and large area rugs, don’t cost much? All these things are considered best to space up a room. They create an illusion of a larger space. So, the living room, even after being covered with seating and all, feels spacious. 

New Windows 

Natural lighting adds fresh feeling in the rooms, and that’s why you need windows in your living room. If your living room has small windows or not at all, installing large windows can transform the space. 

Add a large window and paint in light blue colour for the fresh and breezy feelings. Add wallpapers that speak seaside, and you might enjoy the beachy feelings in your room. 

Windows add depth to your room and also make it feel larger. 

The Entry Door 

The entry door of your living room can change the entire look if you do it right. If your living room opens outside the home, changing the entry door will also improve your exterior door, which means you will do a two in one job. 

You don’t need to but one, transforming the already existing one will also work as soon as the door is in good condition. The best interior designers will always suggest renovating your existing door with a repairing, new paint, and some decorative stuff. 

So, these were some of the simple tricks to renovate your living room. You can also upgrade artworks in the place while changing the layout, and it will add more elegance to your room.