The living room is a place to gather, share stories, have fun, and create the best memories. It’s the only place that’s equally own for everyone in the home, and that’s what makes it so unique. It needs to embrace everyone with the same affection, and that’s why designing living room wants extra efforts. It should be personalised for everyone without disturbing anyone else’s comfort. 

We add family pictures, comfortable seating, everyone’s favourite shades, a decor from all the members and the room finds it’s decor climax too soon. The real fight lies in finding an appropriate place for everything, and a team of interior decorators is sufficient to fill the loop. Our living room is already decorated, but in this world going crazy for trends, we can’t keep it the same in the coming year. Every New Year’s eve expects us to add something new and remove the clutter of the previous year. 

2019 is enjoying it’s last few moments and the time has come to bring in 2020’s major trends into the home. You might be seeing a lot of posts regarding the 2020 year interior trends for the whole house, but it’s not actually possible to renovate all the rooms in one go.  Since the living room is the area you will be seeing your friends on New Year’s Eve, we have explored the major trends for this particular portion of the home. Let’s have a look at what you will love in your living room in 2020. 

Rules But No Rules

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We are going eclectic in the new year. The focus will be on layering boho styles with all the trends present around. Start with all your favourite pieces from furniture to artefacts and accessories to even rugs.  There are no rules that are a must, and that’s what gives us better hopes for 2020. The home interior designers in Bangalore suggest mixing pieces to create a law-breaking yet peaceful look. Your living room will exactly look like what you want it to look. 

Be Mindful Of Patterns

Interior Designer in Bangalore

Patterns have been an excellent choice for a few years, and 2020 will be yet another big year for the trend. From geometrical patterns to tribal-inspired designs and fantasy prints, the room will look so vibrant. You can add some good vibes with crafty stuff such as handmade pillow covers, rugs, and decor items.  Look for warm yet playful shades. 2020 will embrace mixed colours instead of solid patterns. Carpets will give a playful look to your floors when picked in a mixture of colours. 

Embrace The Gift Of Nature 

Nature and decor always go hand in hand. Nothing beats organic elements when it comes to adding beauty. Natural materials like rayon and cotton in fabric, wood for furniture, and marble and natural stone for floors will make your living room better and better.  You don’t need to go for all of them if you don’t have them, and the budget doesn’t allow changing. Rayon bed sheet must be a part of your wardrobe for every trend and season. You can add either a wooden table or marble floors if your flooring needs to be replaced. 

Enlighten Your Room With Ceiling Lights 

The experts of home renovation in Hebbal suggest choosing ceiling lights if you haven’t done that yet. A ceiling lamp will work as a central fixture or an accent piece in addition to illuminating the room. The lamp choice should be yours. It can be both industrial and vintage, depending on what you like the most. Your living room will have a flashy versatile piece drawing attention upward. 

Keep The Mirrors Intact

Interior Designer in Bangalore

Interior designers are focussing on mirrors since long. You must have at least one in your living room. I always like a rectangular standing one in the bedroom or dressing rooms and ovals in the living room. 2020 will be about curved shapes only. Remove square and rectangular shapes if you have them and replace with round and oval mirrors. Design them with stones or some natural elements, and you will love them more. 

It’s Time For More Accents 

You can add accents in the form of anything that you add in your living room. From oddly shaped chairs to wall arts, anything can work as an accent piece when it’s something different than usual.  Even pillows can work as accent pieces when chosen wisely and layered. Add more and more pillows in contrasting colours and trending patterns.   A hanging chair, upholstery fabric, wall art, an oversised clock, mirror, and even a sofa can serve as an accent piece when you know how it can be made to look so. 

Less Is No More

We are now tired of hearing “less is more”, and that’s why the statement has got a significant change in 2020. Less is no longer more because we will be going for maximalism instead of minimalism. Minimalism restricts us from adding everything we love, and that’s why the full house interior decorators in Jayanagar have suggested this new trend. Pile up pillows and you are done. You will have softness all around. 

We Welcome The Classy Wallpapers Back

Thinking of stripping the wallpaper off the walls because they are no longer in trend. Hold on for a few more days, and you won’t regret the decision. 2020 is bringing wallpaper back with the same grace, and there is hardly any change in the way of its usage.  Whatever textures you like and in whatever shades. From subtle nuances to bold hues, everything will look as great as something else. 

Replace The Coffee Table

Don’t like the coffee table? Don’t worry; we have a replacement for it. Though a coffee table is considered an integral part of the living room, you can still do without it if your family doesn’t feel like having one. You can add an accent table, decorated chests and trunks, ottomans, and pouffes to simplify the look with a new and bold move. 

Liked the ideas? Tell us what you will be choosing from the list. Let us know about your unique ideas as well.