Lights in Interior Designing

Lighting is one of the most critical facets of the interior, and it can totally change the appearance of a room for better or for worse, as well as illuminating a room.

on the one side, with the quick flip of a switch, it can turn a drab room into a glossy-magazine-worthy environment or, on the other it can under- or over-illuminate, resulting in headaches, sore eyes, and lighting exhaustion. We at Magnon India one of the best Interior designers in Bangalore aim at making your life full of lights and positivity.




Sunlight is the most abundant source of light that there is. It’s physically relaxing and totally healthy. But it’s hard to manage, too.


For example, light in the north is much colder than equatorial sunshine, and the way your room is faced can change wherever you reside. The amount of natural light a room has is often influenced by the time of day and seasons.


In managing ambient light, window coverings are useful. For spaces with no natural light, interior designers say that “sheers and window treatments, along with the use of mirrors, are the most effective ways to control natural light.” Mirrored furniture also fits well (like the Carina bedside cabinet above and provides storage space too. This can be controlled by the use of lined drapes in thicker fabrics for rooms saturated with natural light. You can avail all this at one of the best interior designers in Bangalore. There is also the dilemma of glare that needs to be addressed-a space that is too bright will appear cold and flat. Using an alterable treatment of the window (such as slat,venetian, louvre or roman blinds) or plantation shutters are helpful in regulating sunshine and eliminating glare without interrupting the window’s aesthetic.We at Magnon India ensure to fill your home with relaxing and smoothing light even with natural light.


Artificial Light

To add layers to your room, artificial lighting should be used. A warm light is the most accommodating choice for residential spaces (as opposed to a bright light). Artificial lighting can be used to highlight features, build zones and modify the perceived dimensions of a room, as well as to contribute to the overall interior design style of a space. To make your home full of light and attractive we at one of the best interior designers in Bangalore provide various qualities of light facilities as per your interior that not only suits your interior design but also brings positivity in your house.

Types of Interior Light

General, ambient, mood, task and accent are the five primary forms of interior lighting.


Any lights can fit into a few categories depending on their placement, brightness and use), so it can be very useful to design an optimal scheme with a basic knowledge of a particular style of lighting.



General lighting is the underlying basis of a lighting system available at an affordable range at one of the top interior decorators in Banglore,supplying a consistent illumination over an entire room and functionally illuminating an area rather than for cosmetic purposes.


The distinguishing aspect of general lighting is that it is typically direct and can be controlled to accommodate for changes in daylight by a dimmer switch.Probably the most widely used source of general lighting is a central pendant light which can be an integral part of the room’s architecture. In a room, a luxurious chandelier or an architectural installation both make excellent visual statements and guide the eye.



           Ambient illumination, which is a perfect ally in general lighting, is the                              next layer of lighting. Both styles share significant features, which are largely mechanical and used to illuminate a full field. Being one of the best home interior designers in Banglore we make sure to avail all the styles of ambient lighting at our shop that ensures various choices to customers and in turn a great opportunity for home lovers to make their sweet home a perfect place. The predominant disparity in the direction of their light is between the two. General lighting is just that: realistic illumination for both day and night use. Ambience lighting will be attached to a dimming device multiple times out of zero to monitor the levels of illumination depending on the occasion.Ambient illumination, since it typically does not use downlighting, does not produce unflattering shadows, is indirect and thus softer than general lighting.



As the name suggests, task lighting is any light source used for a specific task, such as reading or cooking. These lights, by default, ought to have a higher wattage than most other bulbs. However, always blend with ample ambient light to prevent eye pressure caused by the strong contrast of light and dark areas. To keep your eyes healthy and make you able to see the beauty of world more clearly with your eyes we at one of the best interior designers in Bangalore provide special types of lights that suit you and your eyes most. Some of the most visible areas in need of job lighting are reading and working areas (like this home office by Elicyon). Balanced arm lamps make excellent desk designs, while adjustable reading lights are great for reading at bedtime, fixed near a headboard. In personal grooming areas and toilets, mirror lighting works well. In order to make food preparation simpler and better, the kitchen is another environment into which job lighting must be integrated. Just a handful of the choices for kitchen duty illumination are under-cabinet spotlights, recessed downlights over worktops or a long and low pendant light over a preparation island.



Mood lighting is as important to a room’s overall look as general and ambient lighting, and without it, a space will be empty. By creating pools of light which counteract the shadows created by general lighting, it makes a room pleasantly welcoming. At Magnon India one of the top interior decorators in Bangalore your satisfaction is our priority. A sturdy side table or console is favoured for table lamps, otherwise it can be impossible to cover the cables. String wires drilled into the surface or tape through a discreet hole or staple them down a leg.


Hold plug sockets next to the position of your lights, another valid excuse to abandon your electrical routine before the end of your design is nearer.

Since mood lighting is always the lighting layer nearest to the level of the eye, with a philtre, it is important to shade any glare from unsightly bare bulbs. If the bare bulb can be seen from below, the same goes for the general or ambient lighting.



Accent lighting has a particular purpose, similar to job lighting, which is any lighting that has been deliberately included to illustrate a specific feature in a space.


Examples of accent lighting that highlights the pieces and keeps them from being overlooked in an under-illuminated room are spotlights showcasing artwork, paintings and artefacts in cabinets or on pedestals. Similar to job lighting, accent lighting needs more lumens (light output) because of its design, at least three times as much and thus demands a higher wattage.






Downlighting is a very effective and more common method of interior lighting that has been taken special care at one of the top interior designers in Bangalore. Downlights would be most central light sources or spotlights. It casts unflattering shadows (especially for people), so sufficient ambient lighting must be counterbalanced.




Uplighting is a much softer solution to downlighting, since by letting it bounce off the ceiling and echo back into the room, it indirectly brings light into a room.


WALL Washing


Wall washing uniformly illuminates in a gentle way a vertical surface. Place the light so that the beam touches the whole surface at an appropriate wavelength.


Last but not the least, lights not only add colours in your life but also let you decide what is right and wrong so getting the best light as per your interior is one of the most important things you need to do. So get the best at one of the top and best interior designers in Bangalore Magnon India.