Ideas to Lighten up your Foyer Area / Entry Way

foyer area design


  1. Spotlights- having spotlights is one of the most common entryways used in houses nowadays. This kind of lighting goes with brass and copper decor. These spotlights can easily secure places within your panel ceilings or could just be put in the false ceiling.
  2. Pendant lights – pendant lights prominently can be used anywhere in your house, irrespective of the nature and layout of the area. You can use it in your bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen and even on the entranceway. These pendant lights are available in various designs and textures, by which you can easily compliment them with your decor. Having these on the entrance reflects how unique your house is. If you wish you can just have these pendant lights in your entrance along with flower pots, keeping it simple. An affordable interior designer’s in Bangalore can help you figure out the best pendant light for your entrance along with the decor.
  3. Chandelier- A classical chandelier may completely change the appearance of a home and provide an exquisite flourish. If you’re going for a chandelier, you need not have plenty of decors on the entrance. These chandeliers are themselves quite bold and big. You would be happy to know that these are available in different sizes and designs.
  4. Jaali- you might have seen Jaali designs in your puja room or living room. These are generally used as partitions amongst the rooms. A backlit Jaali is just like scenery, pleasing to the eyes. If you’re going for a traditional or historical or even rustic design house then this could be the best option for your entranceway. It does not even cost much because the Jaalis are made up of carved MDF board. To have greater knowledge, contact the best and most affordable interior designers in Bangalore.
  5. Floor lamps -this is also a very usual kind of lighting used in most Indian homes. Having a floor lamp could be one of the most affordable options amongst the wall. You can just have a simple floor lamp in the corner of your entrance along with some basic decor. It would be recommended to have jute hangings or fabric Decor with these lamps.
  6. Cove lights- if you want dim lighting on the entrance then this could be the best alternative. Cove lights create a cosy and warm ambience and also look mesmerizing when used with wood.
  7. Lights wreath- String lights leftover from festivals and other events may be used to create unique decorations all year. These are also known as fairy lights and are available in different sizes and designs. You can have a nice arc made up of these lights on your entranceway. Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you figure out the best light wreath for your entrance.
  8. Semi flush mounts- Although not as common as chandeliers and sconces, this lighting design is genuinely distinct and unusual. A flush mount light fixture is mounted to the ceiling without any holes or gaps and is designed to fit flush around a ceiling light bulb. They are regarded to be “just perfect,” since they are neither too long nor too short.
  9. Wall Sconces- Wall sconces are light fixtures that are mounted to a wall and rely on the wall for support. They need electrical boxes to function, keep this in mind! Wall sconces may normally consume a conventional torch, gaslight, or candle for lighting; however, candle sconces were more prevalent in past periods, notably in the 17th century, when silver or brass sconces were widely used. Silver and brass were phased out in flavour of ormolu and porcelain in the 18th century. To know the various types of sconces, contact the best interior designers in Bangalore.
  10. Recessed Lighting- Pot lights, can light, and down lights are all common names for this sort of lighting, which is often positioned in a circular hole or aperture in the ceiling. The light is shone downwards, in a recessed fashion, as the name implies, and it seems as if it is beaming from a hollow space in the ceiling.


Here we come to the end! We, being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore have tried to figure out the best lighting options for your entryway. All of these lights are easily available, as they are quite famous. It is very necessary to have ambient lighting bring in a warm and cosy ambience at the entrance of your house. If you wish to give your entranceway a makeover, reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore to help you finalize the perfect lights for your entrance.