It should not look out of fashion and at the same time should look modern and should have user friendly design. To create warmth and encouraging atmosphere use as many colors as you want with carpets and contrast decorating elements to make this most interesting place more happening.Get your Kitchens designed to the most beautiful ones by Magnon India – Leading Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore.

Leading Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore.

Harmony in the Kitchen

Balance is required in design of the kitchen and your requirements .New Technical appliances, Modern cooking range, attractive plus effective chimney, dishwashers and Refrigerator space etc.

Kitchen walls

Make kitchen walls attractive . Add dash of colors which will make the kitchen very bright . Picture frames or paintings of some fruits/ food items.Get ideas from Leading Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore – Magnon India.


Avoid handles to the cabinet as it looks more clumsy. Instead engraved handles looks smart can avoid accidents with children around.  More drawers to keep day to day cutlery and crockery. Shelves with horizontal steel bars to park dishes. Water will not accumulate because of the bars.

Furniture in the Kitchen

Instead of traditional wood finish of the cabinets try steel finish or steel which gives fantastic look with more durability and is maintenance free. Steel doors of the cabinet will make the kitchen look attractive, bright as well as easy to maintain. If it is open kitchen make a long platform opposite the oven with an overhead bar cabinet. Long modern designed bar chairs with attractive colors.

Eating Area

Choose your dining table as per your kitchen design. If you have chosen steel finish use Metallic steel finish base of dining table with glass top and high back designed chair with geometrical design upholstery  Glass top of the dining table to be fitted with steel balls or rectangular shape cubes.


Tiles play very important role in the kitchen.Choose attractive subway tiles.  If the tiles are plane or light color try and use some fruit or vegetable pictured tiles in between to bring more color in the kitchen. Avoid more dividers or small checked tiles if the food habits of the family is very spicy and oily and this catches oil and dust.


Additionally, if you are on a more restrictive budget, you may find that choosing elaborate door furniture will mean that you need to compromise on other areas of the remodel. Look for more subtle furniture and accessories that allow the beauty of your kitchen to shine through.

Great Lighting

Many homeowners overlook lighting when planning a kitchen remodel, but it is actually one of the most important elements. Great lighting not only allows you to showcase your wonderful new kitchen but ensures that it is also highly functional. Don’t leave planning your lighting until your entire kitchen is decided; it should be considered during the initial planning stages. Don’t restrict yourself to just ceiling lights, as you can incorporate spotlights, under cabinet lighting and even lamps. This will allow you to have the light you need for food preparation with the option of more subtle lighting if you want to enjoy an intimate dinner. For any queries related to the Interior Design contact Magnon India – Leading Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore.