Having a fancy house made up of best quality and sustainable material is a perfect choice in Interior design. Now deciding on which material is long-lasting as compared to the others is a tough choice. Various materials can be used in building the interiors of your house including Wood, laminates, concrete, Marvel, glass, timber, plaster, set to make and the list is never-ending. Out of all the material, brick is the strongest material that can be used for interior decoration. Could you imagine a wall built up just of bricks without any covering, giving a Rock star feeling to your room? Steel and concrete are widely used materials in the construction of the house, people prefer having concrete walls And floors. Having a good material invested in the house gives you relief from regular wear and tear. Though it might be expensive, worth it.


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The type of flooring you choose in a house plays a crucial role in bringing up the decor of your house. There are various choices available when it comes to flooring. There is soft flooring, wood flooring, hard flooring, seamless chemical flooring and resilient flooring. Now choosing amongst these is a great concern. Here is a way on how you can go on with your flooring.

For example, a kitchen is a place to water all the time. Choosing the perfect flooring for a kitchen depends upon the use.

  • The first and foremost kind of flooring is the Tiles. Tiles are hard to remove and they have the most attractive capacity which makes it suitable for the kitchen. The tiles are available in different designs and textures to make your kitchen look adorable. Using tiles is a perfect option in a warm tropical climate.
  • Apart from this, you can also use ceramic tiles as it is free from any water and stains. They can go for years without replacing. Also available in different colours, shapes and sizes.
  • The third thing in the line is porcelain, which is the shiny and glossy material that enhances the look of your kitchen. It is waterproof and a tough material which is extremely durable. The only problem here is that it is not suitable for children because the floor is quite slippery when not taken due care of. If you want a wooden texture in your kitchen or a rustic look, you can prefer having bamboo flooring. Generally of bamboo flooring is moisture resistant and does not get worse with water.
Make sure that you don’t use carpet and wooden flooring in your kitchen because they are hard to maintain and I’m not at all durable.

For example in a bedroom, this is a place to relax. So you can prefer having a carpet in your bedroom which makes it more cosy and comfortable. You can also have rugs all over your room to enhance the softness and explore various colour patterns that can match your room. Apart from this, you can have wood flooring in your room which is suitable for various forms of designs. Some of the most popular wooden floorings include oak, walnut, Maple and Ash

Pergo, or we call it laminate flooring which looks like a photo lamination, it is one of the most stunning floorings that suits your bedroom. It is available in different colours and styles and can suit different designing layouts. This is long-lasting and there is no regular wear and tear.

Have you ever thought about a material that can long last for 30 years?

But yes there is rubber flooring that can long up to 30 years with the same attractive look and colour. Are you need to do is just take proper care, maintain it regularly besides its durability

Let’s take another situation of a Kid’s bedroom. it is advised to not use tiles and hard flooring in kids bedroom because kids are quite sensitive and fall off easily. Two materials can suit a kid bedroom including rubber flooring and carpeting. From these two options, rubber flooring is the best because it is durable and easy to clean. In carpeting, kids are prone to spell things which make the carpet smell.


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The walls of your house can be made up of various elements and materials including plaster, fabric, murals, panels and wallpapers. Wallpapers and murals are the basic designs that can go with any sort of room designs

For example, a kitchen is prone to hot fumes and food patches. There are at times fingerprints on the walls and common skills. So while purchasing an elegant material for your wall you need to be sure that it is water-resistant, does not have a bad effect from oil splashes or steam. It should not be harmful when exposed to hot temperature. Most of the walls should be easy to clean with soap and water.

So now you might be wondering what is that stuff that can be used which possesses all these qualities.


  • Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular choices that come in different colours and patterns. It is cost-effective and suitable for all kinds of kitchens.
  • Apart from this, you can have a stone cladding wall which is water-resistant and easy to clean. It does not get easily damaged. It is durable as compared to the others.
  • Moreover, you can also use materials like washable paints which are glossy. You can have tempered glass in your kitchen; it would be interesting to know that tempered glass is highly resistant to fumes and heat.
  • It is not advised to use wallpapers in the kitchen because wallpapers get damaged easily. A single cut of the knife on the wall will destroy the whole wallpaper.

What about the walls in the Living room?

A perfect material in the living room should be durable and also attractive. One of the best materials to use in our living room is wallpapers because they come in different textures which generally attract people. But then life can be around 7-10 years and not more than that. The most important thing to consider here is that the walls of your living room set a background for the furniture you have. When you have a rustic design at your home, you can prefer wooden flooring. Apart from this, a cultured stone wall is more suitable with a fireplace which gives it a shabby look. If you’re willing to keep it simple and urban, prefer having simple breaks in your room. Typically red and brown bricks are used because these are durable and made up of which material. We would suggest you do not use tiles in your living room because it takes away the Aesthetics’ and brings in a dull appearance


Gypsum which is aka hydrated sulphate of calcium is one of the most preferred choices as a false ceiling. It is supported with the iron framework that has spaces for lights. If you have a modern house, this is one of the best structures which is durable and long-lasting. Apart from this, you can have plaster of Paris false ceiling which is the trend from quite many years. It is mostly suitable for bedrooms and gives warm Cover. Apart from this a fibre fall ceiling is suitable for office and a metal false ceiling is suitable when you have an industrial design at your house. The wooden ceiling is good but not durable; it may be prone to water during the rainy season.

So this was a short description of which kind of material is suitable for which area. After all, everything depends upon your design and layout along with the choice. For example, a wooden fall ceiling would suit a rustic house or a bohemian style house. At the end whatever you choose should be durable and long-lasting; this will help save money by getting rid of damages.

Shelflife is our USP, every raw material we use to build your home will stay on for years and years to come. Whether it may be, your Wall Decor, Flooring and even the material we see to build your false ceiling in and around your interior design.