The Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore suggests that rustic brickwork can bring vintage and industrial effect to your home. The rustic charm is natural and soothing.

Are you tired of boring walls? Do these plane surfaces feel monotonous to you? Worry no more. Everything needs a makeover after some time. Even if something is gorgeous, our heart tends to demand something new and out of the box. Rustic brickwork is something that is loved by everyone who wants a change that’s elegant and exciting as well.

Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore

Have you ever admired the beauty of a small brick house on your travel destination? Those uncemented walls have an attraction. But, you will surely don’t like the mess these walls can create. Not only the sand goes on falling, but the walls can be hurting if someone slides close to them.

Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore

So, even if you don’t want a brick wall actually, there are several ways you can have them without actually having. The fake stories industrial decay will not only look real, but adorable as well. Here are some of the ways you can achieve rustic brickwork.

Spell the Rustic Charm with Wallpapers

Wallpapers can help you achieve any look without investing too much effort and money. The wall can have any paint or no paint as well. The idea of using a mural that is printed like an exposed brick is excellent even if you are living in a rented house. You can have the look of your choice without having to change anything that the owner will not like. You only need to paste them with temporary wallpaper glue so that it gets removed easily.

Fake the Look with Brick Panels

Nowadays, brick panels are readily available at the hardware shops in the market. These are best if you want to do some DIY projects with your kids. These are great to start because you can paint them in any color of your choice. The availability in larger sheets makes them handy to install.

Drywall and Rustic Look

The Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore have something creative as well as close to natural brickwork. Bricks are imitated with drywall mud and interior stucco. You can prepare them at home with your kids if you have time. This can be one of the best summer projects for your kids, as they will have something unique to do.

Brick Veneer

Brick veneers are one of the most creative ways of having exposed bricks look without actually having it. These thin slivers of bricks can be applied to walls like ceramic tiles and give a natural look. You will not believe the look is fake once you are done with it.

Involve Your Kids with Brick Stencils

My childhood projects never had an end until I used a stencil. However, these days, the use of stencils is decreasing because kids tend to use printed sheets instead of creating.

Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore

You can involve and explore the creative nerve of your kids by introducing them to brick stencils. You need paint and brick stencil to start with. For more information, you can watch online tutorials or seek guidance from the Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore. The patterns will be realistic and beautiful.

Following Trends with Rustic Brickwork

As you can see, getting the style is never too complicated if you have the right resources. The exposed bricks not only imitate industrial charm but can also be used to create subtle and stylish trends. Here are some great inspirations to follow with rustic brickwork in your modern home.

Slaying Industrial Style

Industrial spaces are the most common places to find exposed brick look. The look is natural in industries because no one wants to spend too much on paint in large scale manufacturing buildings. The homes inspired by industrial style slay rustic brickwork which is most of the time fake. Naturally exposed brickwork is not considered, especially in the bedrooms.

Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore

Though, outdoors like garden walls, and balcony walls can be kept exposed, but this can lead to damage to the home if done in the balcony area.

The reddish texture of bricks adds warmth to space and bring an amazing feel. The contrast between grey and red shade makes it a fantastic modern interior. If not on the complete wall, you could have it on the below half.

Rustic Chic

Rustic chic works great when combined with other rustic elements. For example, if you keep one of your walls exposed, a woven rug will complement it well. A naturally exposed wall can implant rustic charm instantly. You can keep the whole room modern and simple. A few rustic elements always pop out and create something outstanding.

Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore

If you have white interiors, a rustic wall will add a touch of color which will break the monotony. The light in the room will reflect well with the brick shade of the wall on the white in the whole room. The Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore suggest having the rustic chic look of you are a fan of contemporary interior designing.  

Combining Textures

Kitchen is the most versatile place of a home. You can experiment with everything, and it will turn out great. Conflicting textures are the new creative of modern interiors. The textures mix can work well if you want to create a summer camping inspired kitchen.

Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore

The exposed bricks couldn’t be kept without paint in the kitchen. Add texture with a neutral color on a bricked wall and enhance the textures more with kitchen countertop. Marbled surfaces do a great job with wooden cabinets enhancing the overall look.

Use as an Accent Wall

Accent wall idea can work in any part of the home. If you can’t have exposed brick in the whole room, choose one wall which you want should stand out.

Kitchen Modular Dealers in Bangalore

The headboard wall covering only as much space as the bed is covering will create an excellent interior.

Rustic brickwork can be thus, styled in multiple ways without investing too much. The trend works best in creating contrasts.