We believe in beauty, comfort and functionality and that is why our modular kitchen designs offer you
an open, airy layout with ample storage. We use the latest methodologies to create a kitchen that suits
your needs, rather following the trends we create a contemporary kitchen that you can prepare your
family meals in and have enough room to stretch your legs. We want you to love being in your kitchen, it
should lift your spirit.Kitchen interiors in Bangalore,Modular kitchen manufacture.

Kitchen interiors in Bangalore,Modular kitchen manufacture

That is why this kitchen is a blend of a shade of yellow a color that brings the
mental picture of sunshine into your kitchen and a shade of white which communicates simplicity with a
cool shade of grey in the background done by Magnon India (Kitchen interiors in Bangalore,Modular kitchen manufacture).

 At Magnon India, our modular Kitchens are a representation of the excellence we stand for. This design
was created to maintain our integrity with alluring kitchen cupboards prepared from excellent wood and
Ferro bond piece. The wall cabinets, open slot shelving and racks are to create effective storage and
space. The floor units are made of wood while the top is made of marble to last longer and its water
resistant. The floor unit contains the sink with drain board maximizing space while providing aesthetics.
We create our designs using top quality waterproof Woods.
We design clean, comfortable kitchens with more space and a look of class, materials used last longer,
will not shrink nor suffer from distortion. The surface is covered by marble giving you smooth, long-
lasting and waterproof countertop.
If your desire is a for a functional and beautiful kitchen space to prepare your family meals, you are in
the right place. At Magnon India(Kitchen interiors in Bangalore,Modular kitchen manufacture), we provide a simple and tidy Modular kitchen design that will suit your needs and we are the Kitchen interiors in Bangalore,Modular kitchen manufacture.