Corona or COVID -19, a pandemic that showed up as an uninvited guest one find day. A virus, as it called has now become the topic of discussion in our lives today. The unanswered question of its exit just keeps more and more desperate to be answered as every day goes by. The number of us, leaving this world, due to the effect of this virus is certainly scary. In fact, these numbers, don’t seem to quit their journey anytime soon.                                       

While it’s easy for us to just give up on ourselves and the lives we support at this point in time. Here are a few subtle things you can do, to make your home a safer place to live in. 

Although this may not come as a surprise to many of us

Sanitise it before our use it 

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Plates, cups, spoons and so, your hands, your legs, your nails whatever it may be. Make sure it feels clean before you put it to use. Whether you’re making a sandwich or sambar rice, make it a point to sanitise your hands before you use them to cook. What you eat is what you fuel in. Although it may seem to be pretty simple to do, many of us just fail to keep ourselves and our useable’s clean. Keep it clean, keep it healthy hereafter at least. 

Hoping the point above was put into practice, let’s move on to point two

Stay home Stay alive 

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Well, as tough and unreasonable it may seem it is true. With the number of positive testers moving to the north. It is only fair for you to give yourselves and your loved ones a chance to live beyond the virus and its effects. While, it could be very easy to say yes to your crying child, while he or she wants to play at the park. You need to learn to say no. Say it right or you may end up welcoming the uninvited guest home. 

Reading on to point three, it may get a little more important now 

Stand apart or fall flat 

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While you may be happy to realise the fact you being able to stay home for this long. It wouldn’t be very smart of you to give out hugs and kisses even with a reason for a while. Although, that say love is better felt when you hug it out. This may be one of those times, a smile or a few words of appreciation can do a lot better at these painful points in time. Keep your distance apart, or you may end up regretting that hug or kiss after all. 

Say it don’t spray it 

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While this may come off as a very commonly used phrase, many of us still don’t use handkerchiefs and towels when we sneeze or cough. While it may have been okay to dig your nose, as a kid. It certainly isn’t all that cool anymore to do it while your old enough to understand the rights and the wrongs. Keep them towels with you and keep them clean and tidy at all times. 

Eat healthy Eat it right 

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While boredom has its own effects on us, eating more than you require can be a way to kill it at times. Although, it may not be a major threat that opens eyes. It is a problem the shouldn’t be invited your way. The more you eat junk foods, the more unhealthy your lifestyle becomes. The more effects become a threat to your family’s lifestyle. An unhealthy family is a family considered to be a threat to society. At this point in time especially try to eat healthily, try to eat right. 

All this said and done, may help you and your family from being baits to the pandemic. Whilst also making a house a safer and welcoming place to live in.