“Great design answers a question, offers a solution and solves a problem.”

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

To understand the correlation between design and decor, first of all, there is a need to understand the difference between both. generally, people use the term interchangeably assuming that they have the same meaning, but that’s not true. Coming out of the superficial world, the design is a combination of art and science that is made after understanding people‘s behaviour for creating functional spaces. The decoration is the way you furnish and adore The design. For example, we have an industrial design, that just lays down layout on how a room should look.

How to blend the right design with the right décor? it’s quite difficult when you are not aware of the designed and layouts prevailing in the market. So for you here are some of the steps or rules to follow while blending your decor with your perfect design. There are various designs like Mid-century modern Industrial, Nautical, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Farmhouse, Urban modern and Shabby chic.


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The first step to blend your décor with the design. Which means to have lots and lots of patterns in the room. You can use different patterns in different corners of the room with varied colours that make each corner look different. Generally, it is advised to use three patterns in a room one large, one medium and one small making it look stunning and attractive. Don’t overload a single corner many patterns which makes it look dull as a whole.

There are various patterns like damask can complement a traditional room. Floral prints can go with a romantic or a feminine room. polka dots can be complemented with any layout. Paisley mostly suited with a bohemian design. Apart from this, there are various designs like toile, chevron, okay and animal print. So now when you are choosing your prints make sure that you have the right choice.


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The second most important element to blend design with decor is that it is not essential for everything in your room to blend with the layout. At times you can have a traditional layout with Modern Furniture or vice versa. In a fully abstract room, you can have a traditional chair and old candle stand. All of this does not destroy the appearance of your design but enhances the beauty of your room. You can have furniture from different generations which makes your room look aesthetic.


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Have plenty of accessories in your room so that it looks mesmerizing and glamorous. Accessories do not only mean a sofa set or a table. You can add wallpapers, paintings, lights, plants, bookshelves, fireplace, carpet, lanterns and the list is never-ending. You can make it look as awesome as possible with each and everything that you love. It only depends upon how you arrange those things in a room, that makes it look aspiring.

Just imagine, having a room made up of white walls. This simple room is a design. What if there is no decor in the room. It will make the room and pleasant and unrealistic. So there is a need to add decoration in the room including maybe a brown sofa, a coffee table, few site tables, lights on the ceiling, plants, paintings and sceneries, cushions, carpet and whatever that you like. You can also, add a vibrant beam bag at the corner of your living room, which will be a point of attraction


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If there is something that highlights your room, It is a major point of attraction. Apart from the accessories, you can have something bright and vibrant in your room that gives you positive vibes and then also become a happy place for you. For example, having a bright blue chair in the room is a point of attraction in a whole wide room. You can decorate it with gold all around it but it remains a point of attraction


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So, you can play with colours in two ways. First of all when you’re having a simple layout like a shabby chic or bohemian style. In these cases, you need to go light with colours and use a minimal amount of colours. One can use colours from the same palate but not deviate from the main colour scheme. On the other hand, you can make your room as colourful as possible by including red orange green yellow purple pink and so on. It depends upon your choice how you like to blend colours


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This is very important, you need to complement the design and decor of your room with a theme. Just like if you have a coastal theme then you need to go light on colours with a different type of accessories. If you have a traditional theme, then you need to focus on shades of brown with everything that looks antique. If you’re designing a kids bedroom, you can have all things colourful. You definitely cannot have dark brown curtains in your kid’s room. So yes going with the theme is one of the most essential element while blending design and decor.

“Blending pieces from different periods and provenances makes a home more interesting. It’s easier to get the right mix if you recover existing furniture in neutral colours and textures, rather than adding lots of patterns. Also selecting artwork as a couple is a nice way to find common ground and balance opposing design sensibilities.”- As said by Nina Farmer, the interior designer

So these were some of the methods on how you can blend your design with decor. To explore the same more theoretically and get it done personally at your home log on to www.magnonindia.com and once you explore some of our designs, we can build the decor at home sequentially.