Black is an eternal colour, which brings in veracity. It has shown its significance everywhere, starting from the fashion industry to the Interior Design industry. Using this shade, makes things look modern and elegant. The matte decor, wallpapers, furniture beautifully renovate your house. It prominently looks good in a spacious and open interior design layout, rather than a small interior design layout. Moreover, the colour black can be paired with various other colours including silver, Golden, white, blue, red and neutral shades. If you are thinking to make/reconstruct/renovate your living room, filled with chits and bits of the primary colour, then it’s a very good idea. There is a great advantage of using black colour in your living room that it does not get off trend. The trend of using this amazing colour is timeless.

There can be various highlights used while painting your house in a charcoal colour. These highlights include matte artwork, structures, leather upholstery or even Wall hangings. Moreover, the art of lights play a very passive role, most of the times golden or yellow lights form a perfect pair with black interiors. The mean reason to bring in highlights is that it should look appealing and attractive. Imagine having a black wall with the same sofa, it does not make sense right, merge in highlights, strokes and patterns. Highlighting the sofa or the wall brings in aesthetic appeal.


Black and Grey

if you are thinking to pair black with something similar then grey is the best option. But the colours are minimal and do not make much difference. You can also add a tinge of white colour, mixing it with your primary and secondary colours. However, it’s always advised to have three colours while figuring out the best colour palette. A grey and black room can include a grey wall with matte decor along with golden lights. You can also include a grey rug, Greg rugs, grey wallpaper etc. make sure that grey remains a secondary colour whereas black dominates the room.

Black and White

Romeo Juliet, as this name is taken together similarly black and white are assumed to be together. Decorating your Living room all embedded in black and white is like a fairytale. It is a perfect combination, timeless and eternal. Your décor can be simple and highly aesthetic. All you can do is have white walls with a black rug, and a sofa, a white relaxing chair and a white center table. The white relaxing chair becomes a major point of attraction in a dark room. Apart from this, you can decorate your room with sculptures, candles, lamps, showpieces etc. Moreover, white allows you to use marble furniture in your living room.

Black and Red

This combination portrays confidence, courage and determination. Having highlights of White in your black and red living room is like a cherry on the top. Seek to stretch out the two colours for a more subtle outcome rather than making red overplay on black. That is where you would choose to put in other colours, such as dark grey or even brown accessories, For example, instead of using black sofa with red cushions, pick a tannic sofa with different colours and maybe a red accent chair adjacent would enhance the look.

Black and Gold

A colour that determines royalty, supremacy and mystery. Using golden with black, is a trend going on now and then. Are you can do is have A dark sofa lined with golden, or a golden center table. You can also make the look a bit rustic by using golden frames, lamps, hangings and candles. While using this colour palette in your room, avoid using all other colours and stick to gold and black. Using colours like blue, yellow, grey would diminish the effect of the room. Moreover, you can have a whole wall made up of gold, shimmering in shining. If there’s lots of sun peeking in your living room, these walls can temper the glare of natural light. There are many ways to shade your living room can be built and they all make a clear statement that will be the highlight of your house.

Black and Powder blue

Blue is a very bold colour, which looks adorable in a room dominated with black. This will give you a rich twist in your house; you can have a powder blue sofa along with powder blue paintings on white walls. This can comply with lamps, fireplace, table, rugs and wall hanging. Decorating the living room, with black blue and white combination is unique and makes your Interior Design look different from the others.


To make your look more interesting, you can complier black room with chalk work. This is similar to a blackboard situation, a dark grey background with white chalk work. This played an important role in the houses in the year 1920s, to depict antique Interior Design. Whenever complying a colour with mains, make sure that the secondary colour has a ratio of less than 50% it’s always better to have black furniture in the black room, you can change the colour of the walls but it’s better to have a table, chairs, sofa etc. painted in the same. Make sure that you use a unified paint and not different variants of black

Speaking about the decor specifically, You can have aluminum alloy frames, electric fireplace, chessboard, hourglass, abstract and modern paintings, black statues and sculptures, books, bookshelves, computer tables, television, cushions, Centre tables, coffee tables, lamps and lights, ceiling lights, switchboards and a lot more.

Painting the ceiling black is a very trendy idea that makes your room look adorable. If you’re figuring out, which is the best classical look then it’s black and white, without any doubt. Moreover, you can use patterns like stripes, cross, blocks and polka to build up your furniture. Another thing to keep in mind is open spaces; it’s always preferred to have various windows and open spaces in a room specially made in black. This is because it is a dominating colour; it makes the room look a bit smaller and cosy.

This was all about adding a black to your living room. The colour is a real sensation. Most of the time the colour signifies power, boldness and mystery. It absorbs all the light. It would be interesting to know that it represents life and rebirth in Egypt. Apart from this, this is the colour of luxury, seriousness and richness. So now if you’re planning to have a black living room, it’s an amazing idea.

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