Whether you are a freelance worker, or you are setting up as business that is run from home , A separate home office is necessary to carry out your work activities more effectively and to increase your productivity. So if you are planning to set up a home office and thinking of ideas here is a small guide from our experienced Interior Designers in Whitefield on designing your home office.

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The Lesser, The Better:

Follow a minimalist approach when designing the home office. The lesser the things in your place the neat and organized your home office looks. We would suggest having a big closed shelf in the home office where you can store all your rarely used and items. It is always better to stick to less decorative items at home office and bring more organizers in the room.

Go for organizers that can play a dual role as decorative times and can also carry your things. Be it the wall paintings, or the things, furniture in your home office we would suggest having them in subtle colors which would brighten up your mood.

Set a theme:

To make you home office more attractive, design it with a theme that suit your work or personality. Themed places are more attractive and would give your customers or people visiting your office an idea and nature of your work. This alluring themed interiors not only attract your visitors but also makes the home office look organized.

Set up a view

Set up your office setup near a big window with a view. This would help you to get out of a feeling that you are sitting in a closed room working. Imagine working when sipping a coffee at your work desk , sitting beside a big window with a nice view. Don’t you think this will make you more productive and lessen your boredom at work?

Creative and Modern:

Not just in work, show your creativity in decorating or organizing your home office. Seeing these creative stuff everyday will definitely boost your creative spirits. Also this would also create a great impression on your creative talent in your guests mind.

Go green:

Add some freshness to the place with some home plants. We would suggest having some hanging plants or flowering bonsai plants which really adds fresh vibes to the place. The freshness and greenery would keep up your energy and helps you to work long hours without getting bored.

Get some Inspiration:

Hand some inspirational quotes on the walls, hang a picture of your inspirational personality, this things will inspire you when you are low and doesn’t want to work. Get a white board and write down your goals on a side. Every time you see it you would definitely be inspired to work better to reach your goals.

Chair Matters:

The home office chair you sit on really matters more than anything. Make sure you get a comfortable and flexible chair that would not cause any harm to your back. Many people tend to work sitting on sofas or bean bags when working from home/ in a home office. But, we strongly recommend having an ergonomic office chair at your home office. This will make help your back, posture and definitely makes it easier to sit for a long time.

Sound proof:

Make sure that the sounds from other part of the home or outside doesn’t disturb your work. Opt for a place where you are least disturbed by the sound coming from television, kitchen or visitors at your home. There are also many affordable ways to sound proof a room. Take the help of professional Interior Designers in Whitefield if you are looking to sound proof your home office

Make it clutter free:

An organized table and room will give you peace of mind and let you concentrate more on work, Our best Interior Designers in Whitefield advice to hide the chords of electronic devices neatly, to have closed shelves in the room. Create separate spaces for things like files, pens etc, and make sure you put everything in its designated place every time. It’s better to plan to organize these kind of frequently used things within in your hands reach so that you don’t misplace them every time. So invest in small/big organized that can make your desk /room clutter free

Light up:

Allow the natural light and air to pass in the room. The fresh air, light would definitely soothe you mood and improve your productivity. A moody ,dark atmosphere can make you bored or sleepy especially when working alone. As most of the people work alone in home offices our expert Interior Designers in Whitefield would suggest setting up the home office in a space where adequate light and air can pass by.

Create a fun space:

Working from a home office need not be boring. Design a small fun activity space where you can refresh and relax, make sure that the activities are not addictive and kill most of your time. we suggest not having electronics like television or video games which would divert you from the work

Question yourself before buying any furniture:

Before you start buying the furniture for your office question yourself a out your needs and write down the required items. Understand your needs list down the list of equipment your work will need. This will help you not to over buy the furniture or things. Also take the measurements of the space before buying the furniture.

Follow these simple ideas and tips to design an alluring and comfortable home office. Also avoid making the mistakes like not organizing the things properly, over investing in furniture/decorative items, or choosing a noisy place without proper soundproofing. Also make a proper plan before buying anything for your home office. So are you ready to setup your home office? If you are looking for help from the professional interior designers in Bangalore get in touch with our interior designing experts at Magnon India – Interior Designers in Whitefield.