15 Best Indoor Plants For Interiors

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli we have seen that not all people love apartment living because it takes them away from nature. There are no open yards to plant trees and organize a garden.

Especially, the older generation is habitual not living in contact with nature, and they feel too uneasy in covered houses with no greenery around. The interior Designers in Uttarahalli say that since there is no way to extend the yard for gardens, there are some other ways to bring a part of that effect inside the home.

thus, Indoor plants are considered as the best option to bring both beauty and nature inside your apartment without worrying about space issues.

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

A large number of herbs, succulents, and other types of indoor plants can be made part of your home without taking off much space.

so, these houseplants are known to decrease the stress that helps in improving concentration and productivity. So, if you bring in plants, you get unnumbered benefits in return to just a little bit of care and even lesser space. They purify the air in the home and gift you clean and happy breathing. The fresh air and beauty of plants keep you satisfied and cherished says the interior designers in Uttarahalli.

If, after knowing the benefits of these little houseplants, you think of bringing one or more to your home, here is the list of best indoor plants to choose for your apartment.

1. Snake plant

The best thing about this plant is that it can survive in very tough weather conditions. This beautiful plant is known for its air-purifying benefits in addition to the fact that it requires very minimal care. You just need to water the plants occasionally to prevent the soil from drying completely.

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

2. Panda plant

Who doesn’t love a panda? They are so adorable that everyone wishes to have them nearby. The same goes for the panda plant too. This heart-winning furry succulent plant is the best choice if you love cute things.

3. Cactus

The desert king cactus is the best choice for lazy people. The plant can survive without water for a long time, and that’s why you can have it in your home if you don’t want to spend much time in caring. The best interior decorators will surely help you in choosing the best caci for your indoors.

4. Air plants

These trendy plants are favorite of every plant lover. The best thing is they don’t need any dirt, and you can choose a fun cute pot. We put in soil to add a natural touch to the place, but with air plants, the effect is already there without pouring sand.

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

5. Jade plant

What about bringing something that brings good luck to you and your family. The interior Designers in Uttarahalli tell us that jade plants are best in two ways. First, they stay with you for years and second best thing that they are known to have good luck vibes.

6. Bonsai tree

When you are just starting and have a lot of time to invest, look no further and pick a bonsai tree. The interior Designers in Uttarahalli tells these beautiful plants are perfect for even small apartments. You will find it fun and interesting to spend time caring for this mini plants in your apartments to enhance the beauty of the place.

7. Aloe vera

When you think of bringing something that has double benefits, there is no better option than aloe vera. Aloe vera is known as a medicinal plant having several benefits for skin and hairs. It is very good at treating burns plus it is best known for its air-purifying effect. The multi-benefit plant is very easy to grow and looks so beautiful in your apartment.

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

8. African violets

Sometimes, we go for bright colors and feel that the apartment is looking cold and dreary. For example, if you white paint in your home, the violet punch will be a win-win. African violets are beautiful pieces of nature and are perfect for flats in all ways.

9. Paddle plant

Also known as flapjack plant, the paddle is an excellent choice if you want to add some extra interest. The shape of this little plant is so cute, and the combination of fun colors have made it the first choice of most of the interior designers in Uttarahalli.

10. Baby tears

The name is baby tears, but it is actually not. The small leaves are like the packets of joy, and if the name irritates you, there are some more too. The plant is also known by the names “mind your business,” and “peace in the home.”

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

11. Herbs

If you wish to place a plant in your kitchen window that is functional too, then herbs are the best choice for you. The interior designers in Uttarahalli suggested me to go for kitchen friendly herbs such as thyme, chives, basil, and oregano.

12. Iron plant

Iron is a durable metal, and so is the plant. It requires a very less amount of light, poor quality soil, and least water to survive. While there is a compromise on everything, when it comes to beauty, there is no disappointment. The dark green shade of the leaves is best to make your room full of life.

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

13. Peace Lily

When there is a high shortage of natural light, and you can only offer fluorescent light to your plants, peace Lily is your way.

So, It can grow in extremely less light and is best for dark areas light bathrooms.

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

14. Lucky bamboo

The darker parts of your home will blossom green and fresh if you bring in a lucky bamboo plant for your interiors. It grows in water that needs to be changed once in every fifteen or thirty days. It requires a very little direct sunlight, and that’s why it adds as one of the best interior plants.

Interior Designers in Uttarahalli

15. Lavender

You can easily replace your everyday air freshener with a pot of lavender plant.

thus, It is so beautiful, fresh, and energetic that you won’t think of switching to any other once you get this.