Interior Designers in Kanakpura Road, Tips To Transform Your Old Home the best Ideas given by the Experienced designers at Magnon Interior Designing and are well known as the Interior Designers in Kanakpura Road.

If you are living in your old home but you don’t like your old décor then renovating is the only option. A major renovation is not required to give a new look and feel to the home. You can do little changes that won’t burn your pocket and will save your time to. So, start renovating your home with little things like adding a mirror, classy paint, handmade pots etc. to give a new and better look. Below are some tips that end-to-end interior designers in Bangalore , Interior Designers in Kanakpura Road follow us by clicking on this link.

Interior Designers in Kanakpura Road.

Be experimental with the paint

Paint is the best way to renovate your home.  It is the easiest and cheaper way to hide flaws and give an alternative look to the home. You can try a  different color on the ceiling and walls. Choose a softer color for your bedroom, contrasting color for the hall and guest room. And the cold colors are meant for your kitchen only.Choice of color is very important when designing the particular space and Magnon does it to the best and it is known as the Best Interior Designers in Kanakpura Road.

Remove the wallpapers

Wallpaper pasting is a very common thing to décor the house but after removing them also you can get a new look. If your wall contains wallpaper from a long time remove it and paint the wall with a unique color. You can also think about the replacement of wallpapers but removing them is the best because it is cheap and long-lasting.

Say welcome to nature

If you have a big house then to enjoy the natural beauty you can think about a garden near to the entrance. Have a small house? Don’t worry, a small green space under the staircases will do wonder. Apart from decoration, some colorful vases will make the environment feel healthy and appear classy when place on the table. Shrubs add a proper natural look if you add them on corners of kitchen and rooms.

Add special things to the kitchen

The kitchen is the part of the house which must be renovated from time to time. To renovate kitchen you can repaint it with some strong color and add some funny picture on walls. Adding new ones and updating previous appliances is also a cool idea. It will give you more comfort in kitchen and beauty to your kitchen. Modular kitchen is the new interest today and you can easily find modular kitchen manufacturers near you to add more charms to your home.

Refresh your Bathroom

If you change some elements of the bathroom it can give new look to the bathroom. You can paint your bathroom in a neutral shade to get more relaxation. You can also try a wooden finish with a mirror on the wall of bathroom. Don’t use stained curtains in bathroom replace them with colorful and printed curtains. contrasted curtains really look attractive.

Break unusual room layouts into zones

Some older home designed with many rooms layout don’t seem fancy now. There is only a long and narrow space which is not suitable for many things. It is a bit expensive but a good idea to break it into rectangular multiple square zones for better functionality and awesome look. You can try glass to divide the space in zones. Magnon is located in all the areas of the Bangalore City and they are well known for the famous Interior Designers in Kanakpura Road.