Scents and sensibility

Interior designers Bangalore South, Magnon India, the interior style ought to indulge as many of our senses as possible: vision, hearing, touch, and smell. Once area pictures, designs, and creates with the intent of intriguing as several senses as potential, only then can the house actually reach its full potential.

Smell being the foremost powerful link to emotions and feelings. It usually overlooks and recently strategically incorporates into interior styles.

However, if you’re thinking regarding it, a scented space has the facility to form an exact ambiance and mood; that means that choosing a scent that best matches your house is simply as vital as handpicking furnishings or art.

Interior designers in Bangalore South

The importance of scents doesn’t only apply to home interior styles. once it involves the retail sector, scents play a significant role in touching consumers’ purchasing habits and deciding whether or not their in-store expertise is one that may be repeated or not.

A fragrant house is not solely welcoming, but also impacts your state of mind. Here are some few ways that will assist you to achieve just that.

Interior designers in Bangalore South

Did you recognize that a fragrance will trigger varied emotions within you? A specific scent has the power to remind you of somebody or someplace simply because that scent is related to it. That’s specifically why a specific fragrance would inform you of someone; in truth, a nice smell encompasses a positive result on your mind and helps elevate your mood. Thus, keeping many smart scent candles and diffusers handy is helpful; it’ll also help once guests visits. A fresh-smelling space is usually pleasant and inviting; walking into a beautifully fragrant home indicates that the home cherishes and cares for.

Interior designers in Bangalore South

When there’s a peculiar smell to space, you’re instantly drawn to a memory. You do remember a keep in mind a particular smell of your grandmother’s home, right? Scents do have the way of playing with your mood; it will cause you to nostalgic or take you back in time in a very second. People start to realize the advantages of potpourri and aromatic candles; they do not solely create your space smell higher, however even have certain oils that is good for health. From an accessory purpose of point of view, potpourri and scented candles are essential for bathrooms. Diffusers are very helpful in different areas of the house, as they conjointly work as a defense against mosquitoes.”


Candles do add instant atmosphere to any space. It’s a very common practice to use scented candles and fragrant sprays on every day to relax and conjure up a dreamy atmosphere. The flicker of a flame and also the aroma of candles help to add a touch of serenity, freshness, and relaxation in homes. Though candles are a bit tricky, the thumb rule is to opt a candle that encompasses a strong scent once unlit. Candles do go along with a safety hazard; don’t ever leave the candle unattended; blow out the candle once you leave the area. Also, don’t light candle close to curtains or different flammable items; make sure the candle is placed on a smooth, sturdy surface in order that it doesn’t topple over.

Interior designers in Bangalore South

If you’ve got many unused scented candles, store them in your wardrobe, drawers, neglected corners, behind the curtains, etc. this manner the scent that they emit can create the house aromatic

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are one in all the most effective ways to fill our homes with wonderful and fragrant scents as they unleash fragrance once burned. As well as, the incense sticks are available varied scents and once burnt, unleash a soothing and pleasant aroma into the air that makes the house smell good.

Diffusers and aromatic oils

Diffusers are a great way to add constant fragrance to our homes. They absorb the fragrance oil, disperse scents into the air and last till all the fragrance oil evaporates.

Whether you’re searching for a clean and crisp aroma for your bathroom or a soothing and relaxing scent for your bedroom, essential oils are everything you would like. The beautiful scent of the aromatic oils is what makes them everyone’s favorite. They not only smell smart, but they also contain therapeutic properties


The fragrance of Potpourri will so do wonders for your mood. Potpourri is simply a bowl that’s created of a mix of dried flowers, natural herbs, spices, essential oils, etc. That you’ll place the potpourri in your lounge and luxuriate in the sweet fragrance all around your house whenever you enter.


  • Though it’s going to appear basic, however, the general public underestimates this step – open all the windows and permit air circulation and get rid of the stale smell.
  • Similarly, Adding plants in your house is more than simply décor; they also make keep the foul smell at bay.
  • Baking soda will be used as a carpet deodorizer. Simply sprinkle some on your carpet – you’ll also add some oil to create it more fragrant;
  • Adding contemporary flowers to your decoration will facilitate your home smell fresh.
  • You’ll create a linen spray by combining oil of your choice with water in a spray bottle. Sprits the liquid in your space or on your couch to instantly refresh the room.

Interior designers in Bangalore South

  • Take some water in a very pan and add lemon slices, herbs, many drops of oil and bring to boil on slow heat. This works sort of a potpourri, however, is tougher. This is often also a good manner to put your orange and lemon peels to use.
  • Simmer water in a very little pan and add lemon slices and herbs, like lavender or mint. The warmth permeates the sweet scent throughout your house;
  • Do keep in mind to empty the trash because it might contribute to a lingering foul smell.

The sooner the power of scent recognizes, the sooner we can benefit from incorporating it into the home and retail design — bringing about pleasant, intimate memories or creating new positive experiences.