best interior designers in banashankari – With regards to furniture, wood is a standout amongst the most regularly utilized materials. Any sort of wood can be utilized for this reason. In any case, all materials are not made similarly; there are a couple of sorts of wood that are loved for their strength, magnificence and adaptability.

best interior designers in banashankari

 As wood database is very huge, picking the correct wood for furniture is basic, as it causes you to decide the correct cost of your unit. It will be the integral factor when you need to reestablish, resale, or dispose of a household item. In this guide presented by Interior Designers in Bangalore – Magnon India, you will find out about various assortments and qualities of wood. Be that as it may, before we delve into the subtleties, how about we investigate the absolute most recent and most important details.

 Hardness is one of the least difficult approaches to recognize the wood utilized for furniture. In opposition to the prevalent view, hardwood isn’t really harder and denser contrasted with softwood. In herbal terms, hardwood originates from blooming trees while softwood originates from conifers. Both hardwood and softwood are utilized for everything from auxiliary to beautiful purposes.

best interior designers in banashankari

 1) Hardwood

 Hardwood originates from Angiosperms, for example, maple, oak, and walnut. These trees lose their leaves every year. As they develop gradually, hardwood has denser wood filaments (fiber tracheids and libriform strands).

 As hardwood is uncommon, it is generally costly contrasted with softwood. Be that as it may, there are exemptions. For instance, gum is a hardwood that includes some major disadvantages which is good with most kinds of softwood. Hardwood is strong, accompanies close grain, and requires low upkeep. It likewise accompanies low sap substance and great imperviousness to fire. Not a wide range of hardwood are perfect for making furniture.

 2) Softwood

 Softwood originates from gymnosperms, which are evergreen trees. Softwood incorporates trees, for example, pine, spruce, fir, cedar, juniper, redwood, and yew. Evergreen trees will in general be less thick than deciduous trees. Along these lines, it is less demanding to chop them down.

 Softwood comprises of tracheids and wood beams. As vessels are missing, softwood is likewise called non-permeable wood. It accompanies free grain, higher sap substance, and lighter shading. In any case, it accompanies poor imperviousness to fire. The fine and lightweight structure makes softwood perfect for making furniture.

best interior designers in banashankari

 Kinds of Wood


 There are more than 200 types of oak in business development. Oak is know to the best quality and has been utilized for 1000’s of years. Oak is solid (hardness of around 4 on a scale of 1 to 5) and less demanding to work with when green. It is likewise impervious to dampness and is truly tough. The wood is exceptionally impervious to bug and contagious assault in view of its high tannin content. The grain has an excellent “beam piece” example to it.

 Oak planking was basic on Viking long ships in the ninth and tenth hundreds of years. The wood was cut from green logs, by hatchet and wedge, to create boards. Sheets of oak have been prized since the Middle Ages for use in inside framing of renowned structures, for example, the discussing council of the House of lodge in London. Oak was utilized in Europe for the development of boats, particularly maritime vessels and docks. Today oak wood is still normally utilized for furniture making and deck, timber outline structures, and for facade generation.


 Business pines are developed in estates for timber that is denser, progressively resinous, and in this way more tough than spruce.

 Pine is anything but difficult to work with and, on the grounds that most assortments are generally delicate, it fits cutting. Pine is ordinarily utilized in furniture since it’s anything but difficult to shape and stain. Pine by and large takes recolor extremely well (as long as you seal the wood first). Pine wood is generally utilized in high-esteem carpentry things, for example, window outlines, framing, floors and material, and the pitch of a few animal groups is a critical wellspring of turpentine.


Commonly known as “Burmese teak”. Teak wood has a calfskin like smell when it is naturally processed. It is especially esteemed for its sturdiness and water opposition, and is utilized for vessel building, outside development, facade, furniture, cutting, turnings, and other wood ventures. Teak’s characteristic oils make the timber termite and vermin safe. Teak is solid notwithstanding when not treated with oil or varnish. Timber cut from old teak trees was once accepted to be more sturdy and harder than estate developed teak. Studies have demonstrated that estate teak performs keeping pace with old-development teak in disintegration rate, dimensional solidness, twisting, and surface checking, however is increasingly helpless to shading change from UV presentation. It rates a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5 for hardness.


 With a hardness of around 4 on a 1 to 5 scale, walnut is a rich dark colored wood that is anything but difficult to work with. Lamentably, walnut is to some degree costly, and discovering substantial sheets for huge activities is getting troublesome. Notwithstanding this, walnut is as yet an extraordinary wood to work with and loans itself pleasantly for use as accents and decorates to spruce up an undertaking with superb grain designs particularly with respect to walnut.

 We trust this has given you a greater amount of a knowledge into the procedure, purchasing and employments of timber. We have extraordinary scopes of development wood of different majestic and metric sizes, regular bed wood and to excellent pieces of oak, cinder and beech for a cutting edge provincial look. Interior Designers in Bangalore will also additionally stock old antique oak entryways, elm shafts, pine flooring, it is more enthusiastically to get loads of teak, mahogany and walnut however on an uncommon event they do come to us yet move rapidly.


Is an utility timber that is intense however dimensionally flimsy. It weighs around 720 kg for every cubic meter and is broadly utilized for furniture encircling and corpse development, ground surface and designing purposes, in compressed wood and in family unit things like plates, however once in a while as an ornamental wood. It’s an amazing kindling, effortlessly split and consuming for a long time with splendid yet quiet blazes. Beech is additionally used to smoke hams, different frankfurters, and a few cheeses.