Uttarahalli interior designers – In the hustle bustle of busy lives, Most of us find some quality time to spend with our loved ones only at dining table.

Be it the breakfast time or the dinner time, the few minutes we spend at dining table are very important and boosts our energy for the entire day.

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Dining hall also is the place where most of our guests and visitors get to see.

Being one of the Interior Designers in Bangalore we often hear our clients asking us to design a trendy and customized interiors for their dining room.

Out of all the furniture like storage shelves and other decoration items in the dining room dining tables is the most important item that decide the entire look of the dining hall.

So if you are looking to know about the dining table types that are currently trending, we have curated a list of trendy and some ever green dining table designs which would definitely make your space alluring and elegant.

Farm house style table:

When you want to give your dining hall a modern look with a traditional blend. Then look no further and book a farm house style dining table.

These tables add a traditional touch to your room while also being modern and opulent.

Trying this farm house style at home gives the entire dining room a relaxed touch, making your dining room the most loved hang out place for your family


One more contemporary dining table styles in trend is a dining table with benches instead of chairs.

Our experts’ modular kitchen and dining hall interior designers in Hebbal suggest to have a combination of benches and chairs with the dining table with opposite colors this would definitely add a chic look to your dining hall.

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Different chairs:

If you want to really try something funky and trendy in your dining room go with this style.

Opt for a dining table with different colored but same type of chairs. These kind of chairs go well with white or subtle color dining table. You can add a dash of color your dining room with this kind of chairs.

Chic and bold colored cushions:

This also gives the similar look of using different colored chairs but in a simple way.

If you want to keep it simple, opt for same color chairs and let just the color of their cushions be different. This would be subtle yet chic.

Wooden tables:

Want to add a traditional touch for your dining room? Then opt for the most trending wooden tables.

The tables with heavy legs especially looks luxurious. Also the wooden tables with carved legs are also in trend.

But these heavy wooden tables doesn’t suit for small spaces and can make the space look cramped.

Also if you are someone who often move towns and home then these tables are relatively heavier and difficult to carry around.

But if you don’t want to miss the classic wooden style you can opt for wooden chairs with heavy legs and a simple wooden table which also look both classic and modern.

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Multi use:

If you are a small family and live in small cozy apartments, our Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest getting light weight table that can be used for different purposes and can be moved when necessary.

This will save you lot of space, these kind of tables also looks trendy being small and chic.

Mixed material:

Why always go for a single style or material when you can add elegance to your space with an eclectic mix.

Just get a dining table with a mix of two materials or let the chairs and tables be made of different materials.

Even though it is difficult to buy these kind of dining tables, you can get them customized with the help of some best dining table interior designers like Magnon India – Interior Designers in Bangalore.

At Magnon India – Interior Designers in Bangalore we design and manufacture customized interiors for the entire home using advanced technologies like German technology in our own factory.

By this we ensure delivery of high quality interiors that are customized to suit your personality and taste.

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Expandable tables:

These are also multi-functional tables apt for small families who live in small spaces.

These kind of tables can be expandable depending on the purpose, say when guests visits.

If you are a small family, going for expandable tables would be the best option, this can save you lot of space yet serve you best during the time of guest visits.

These kind of tables are also rarely available, but be custom built with the help of the interiors manufactures.

Irregularly shaped:

If you don’t want to go with the flow and want to give your space the most modern look, then try out this most trending irregularly shaped dining tables. Gone are the days of round, square, rectangle tables. Opt for a irregularly shaped tables that are unique and tending.

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Everything White:

The ever classy everything white style never goes out of trend. Go for completely white dining table and dining chairs which goes well with both bright colored as well as subtle colored dining room walls and other accessories.

But if you have small kids or pets at home we recommend opting for the materials that are easily cleanable and doesn’t stain.

So, here we presented some of the most loved and evergreen dining table trends that could create alluring dining spaces, decorate this dining tables with suitable accessories to make it more elegant.

It is always suggested to get a customized dining table based on your needs, taste, Unlike the belief that customized interiors are expensive, some of the best interior designing companies like Magnoin India – Interior Designers in Bangalore offer high quality customized interiors at affordable prices.

This would definitely help you design your dream home without compromising on your taste and luxury in your budget.

So if you are looking for the Interior designers in Bangalore to design your dream home interiors give us a call and our experts would be happy to understand your requirements and suggest you the best personalized interior designs.