Interior Designers Best in Bangalore living room wall units are no longer simple boxes or wall-mounted shelves that hold the television and a few additional accessories. Contemporary wall unit systems go beyond just the obvious and are indeed the heart and soul of a trendy, modern living space. Blending functionality with sublime aesthetics, the OPEN wall unit system from them takes this a notch higher with its amazing ability to adapt and expand with your growing needs. Magnon India has more than 1000+ designs to decorate your walls and also make your Living room look better and we are known as the best Interior Designers in Bangalore.

Interior Designers in Bangalore

In the designer world, wall units have become increasingly popular in a modernized living room. The most prevalent are elegant designs that incorporate a home owner’s lifestyle. For the most part, many living rooms center on the TV. In fact, it has become the vocal point of the room. But remove the television and the heart of the décor has vanished.

Today the modernized living room embraces so much more. There is texture and depth with reclaimed walls, statement lighting and mood setting color. It is wholly designed around your lifestyle such as an entertainment center, a library or retreat within the home.

When we talk about modern wall unit’s decoration, we basically relate to wall units that feature a number of sections to choose from varied shapes, colors, combination and sizes. There is almost a wealth of possibilities in customizing and building these wall units to meet your specific requirements and needs.

Here are a few ideas on how wall units can maximize your living room space:

You can use multiple shaped units and group them together on one wall for various storage options.

A wall unit can add color to a dull room plus help you organize. If your living room is ordinary, add display pieces that are bold and have a cutting-edge impact to your décor.

Wall units are great for organizing a home library. Generally tall units work best and can be arranged around an entertainment center. The height will also make the living room look larger.