Interior Architect in Bangalore – Apartment living is limiting the free life human used to have in past time. We all wish to have beautiful gardens near the house, but the limited area makes it tough for us to design a lawn in the apartment. Not only there is a space problem, but we are also too busy in our daily routines that it seems tough to fetch some time to maintain a lawn or garden. Since these fresh greens need regular care, everyone having a lawn or garden needs to appoint a particular person to care for the place.

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If you also have the same thoughts, but still want to have a lawn in your apartment, we have found some easy tips for you. You can design a garden that needs minimal care and can be maintained in little areas. Moreover, you can also decorate your lawn in such a way that makes it more beautiful than anything. So, let’s have a look at the things you can do while designing a garden in an apartment.

Use even the smallest space

We have the minimal area in the apartment to style as a lawn, and that’s why we need to put even the smallest space on work. You can use the small areas to put flower pots and tools. Moreover, if you think that there is a lack of sunlight in such corners, you can keep plants that need the least light.

Grow plants that require the least care

If you don’t have time to take care of your garden, go for plants that need occasional watering and least care. Go to your local nursery and ask them about the plants that grow best in your areas with little supervision. They will suggest you the best, and you will get the right plants on the spot too.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass is the best solution when you want to skip watering and trimming. You need to spend a lot of time taking care of the lawn, and that’s why the green grass style carpets are best. They are easy to maintain and feel like real grass only.

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Use the balcony area

If you don’t have a separate area outside the apartment but still crave for a garden or say lawn where you can sit and sip your morning coffee, the balcony area is best. According to Interior Designers in Bangalore¬†balcony area is best to decorate a little lawn.

A little fountain

A little water fountain in the garden can add immense charm to your garden. Not only it looks elegant, but also creates the lawn like feeling even in a simple and small space. You can go for ready made one or construct one with concrete while designing the garden.

Comfy chairs

The chairs you bought on the advice of Interior Designers in Bangalore, but couldn’t place in living room, can be put on use now. You spend a good time sitting in the garden if you set the table and some chairs in the garden.

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The terrace paradise

The ones who have got open terrace are close to heaven. You can make a beautiful garden on the terrace of your home. You can go for green grass carpet on the terrace to have the lawn like reeling. Moreover, for that natural freshness grow plants and herbs in pots and hang and place them around.

Hanging plants

When you have very little space, hanging plants are the best because they don’t cover much space and add tons of beauty to your garden. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the pots you want to hang must be of lightweight material so that they don’t fall off.

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The flower display

The flower display you wanted your interior designer to create in your bedroom, but couldn’t get, can be made here in the garden. Grow different flowers and arrange them together in a display style. You will surely love your lawn more after that.

DIY pots

The DIY things are creative and add a personal touch. To make DIY pots, you don’t need to make many efforts. The empty coffee cans, plastic boxes, and anything that could hold a plant and soil can be used as a pot. You can paint them in desired colors, and the bigger ones can be even designed a little forest house.

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The herb area

All the natural herbs that you need in your home can be planted in a little area of your lawn. Basil, mint, thyme, oregano, parsley, etc. can be grown even single pot or you can grow them separately in the hanging pots. They not only look good but also add to your health.

A small cabin

A small cabin can be developed with the help of an interior decorator if you can afford and have some space. The cabin can be used to keep your gardening tools, cans, plants that need less water in the rainy season, your seating, and everything that needs coverage. You can make it big or small depending on the area available to you. If you can’t build a cabin, go for a shade that covers the necessary things on the lawn. You can cover the shade with shrubs to add more beauty.

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Put stones at work

Stones are the best when it comes to decorating a lawn. They look so elegant and can work as best replace to grass. Stones can also be used to create partitions to grow multiple plants in the garden. You can use them even in a pot to make it look more beautiful and create separate blocks for different types of herbs.

Start slow

You don’t need to design the garden in one day because that will make you feel tired and you won’t care for it. Do slowly to create the habit plus you will be able to see the results too. By the time, you will get to know about plants that grow better in your environment.