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Interior design, over the years has gone on to become a very important step in one’s home buying process. A home buyer, in this day and age, lives for the day and not for the days to come. Interior design, also on the other hand has move onto giving heed to human intellect. A home today, is no more just a place you house your family and furniture. It certainly, has gone on to become an integral part of our lives. A wise man once said “Your home, is a shadow of your lifestyle, make it yours or it’s no different than a museum.”

There is no harm, in being a follower of trends. The element of ignorance, seeps in only when you blindly believe in them. As interior designers in Bangalore, we always try to blend in the trends of the land, with the needs, wants and desires of our home buyer folks/customers. Not just in terms of design and architecture, but also in the light of our pricing, production and installation.

We always stay true to our goal of building house into homes. You buy a house, and whatever need maybe, we go the distance to make it your home. A home, is or will never be just a place you use to take rest or, an on the way restaurant you stop to have a few meals in a day. It surely, isn’t a place you use to get some shut eye either.

If it isn’t all of the said, then what is it? Why is it important to build a house into a home? If an example can be taken to explain the same. A family although, it may be called one, will never feel like one, if there is no love and respect among its members. A father, maybe in count, yet in respect will never be considered the man of the family, if he wasn’t, able to show his family the way to the future, whilst helping them fight the battles life brings by their doorstep every day.

A home, as a testament to the same ideology is, was and always will be a launch point for wonderful stories, experiences and affection filled journeys. We Magnon Interiors, in most cases only do the needful to make these stories, experiences and journeys more special. If a push back chair, was just build/created to show the essence in terms of design and grains of a few pieces of wood. It wouldn’t, surely be named a “grandfather chair” and be used years and years now. The examples, that justify the work of art and architecture, in terms of interior design by the best interior designers, can certainly be listed to a number more than many.

So how do we help make your house look and feel like home? Well, we incorporate a number of processes to achieve the given outcome. What comes under this line? You ask. Read on to know more.


  1. Planning
    Planning as a process, is very important in terms of the end outcome in the interior designer’s journey at Magnon Interiors. First drafts to the last, 2d preliminary designs and 3D initial designs of the entire house. We assume and presume the color palate, materials, discuss the floor plan and set the tone for the next stage in the interior design of our customers house.
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  2. Design
    All ideas, explored and designed on our canvas. We move on to discussing the further possibilities. Due to the pandemic, this process is usually done and discussed via a Zoom call. The design, at this point in time in most cases, reaches a clearer decision-making stage. Having understood what is needed and what is wanted by the home owner.
    interior designers in bangalore
  3. Production
    Once, the client and we are on the same page, on the lines of what is required and what is wanted. The next step, is when the interior designs goes to our factory in Kanakapura road. Our factory, consists of a team of interiors design production experts, who work on the paper to product development of end to end interior designs by the best interior designers in Bangalore
    interior designers in bangalore
  4. Installation
    The last step, on the list although may take a few months to be reached in real time. Is the stage of installation. Our team of installation experts, who possess an experience of over a decade in this field of expertise.The process even though, explained in just 4-5 steps, takes a good amount of time because of a number of uncalled for reasons. In terms of payment, design changes, improvement discussions and more.


    interior designers in bangalore

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