Interior Designer South Bangalore we all know what natural light means. Natural light is a source of positive energy to bring in aestheticism of nature. Sun have unlimited energy to offer but what limits us is the boundaries of our homes. To extract vitamin D from sun rays, we have gardens. The natural light also limits the use of artificial light in the daytime that reduces our electricity bills plus helps us contribute to sustainable development. In addition to vitamin D sun rays can also make our homes germ free and to have this real blessing, we need to welcome more and more sunlight to our house.

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The homes of today have a very little space to let the sunlight come inside, and that’s why we lack in this natural blessing. But when there is a need, the solution also comes out. This problem of having less natural light is not only yours, and that’s why the Interior Designers in Bangalore have found the answer.

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We all know that making big renovation is not possible in a home. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the desired amount of natural lighting to your home. Here are some simple yet useful tips that can help in making your home bright.

Start with the windows   

The heavy curtains on windows can prevent the desired amount of light. The best thing is to replace them with thinner ones that let ample amount of light to pass through them. If you don’t feel like changing the curtains, you can take them off or slide them to the corners in the daytime. Don’t forget, the curtains are for your good and not to create an issue.

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The mirror story

The luxury interior designers in Bangalore and Interior Designers in Bangalore believe that nothing can reflect light better than mirrors. Looking at the other benefits of having mirrors in the home, we find that these are a great decorating piece for every household. Mirrors create a beautiful effect and reflect the natural light that enters your home making it look brighter. You will find it more beneficial if hanging on the wall opposite the window. You can add a number of small round shaped mirrors, or put one big rectangle shaped near the wall.

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The metallic artworks

Looking back at the sixth-grade science we recall that metals are shiny objects that reflect the light falling on them. Any metallic artwork can get you the desired effect in addition to the classy look you have been longing for so long. The metallic art pieces such as sculptures and pots are a great way to decorate your room without making it look overdone plus their art of reflecting room is sure to lighten up your dark space.

A pinch of color is all you need

A colorful rug can also brighten your room not by reflecting light, but by creating a feel of brightness in the room. It can define your space in a different way making your room appear more glowing than ever. The trick works because sometimes illusion covers reality the way you can’t even think.  

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Go matte

The Villa and Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest you prefer matte over glossy when choosing the theme for your interiors. Now, you might be thinking that glossy glare can brighten better, but the reality is just the opposite. The glare of glossy walls prevents the equal distribution of light while matte performs that job quite well.

Paint the walls as per your advantage

Lighter colors are always known to reflect light and applying this fact here we prefer the use of bright colors on walls. If white feels too cold, you can go for its creamy or rosy shades to have the desired effect without compromising over the amount of light. So, the easiest way to enter more natural light to your home is to change the color of your walls which is quite a simple thing and doesn’t require big investment.

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Unhide your windows

Windows and doors are the only sources of sunlight in homes. The windows that open in the garden sometimes get covered by the branches of trees which prevent light from coming inside the house. What you can do here is trim your trees especially that are near window regularly. It will help bring both natural light and fresh air inside the house. Moreover, the glass of the window can get dirty over time because it goes unnoticed while cleaning home. Make schedule and wipe the window glass time to time so that the light that enters doesn’t get blurred due to the dirt on the window.

Find another place for paintings

Paintings can absorb the light entering the room making the room appear darker. If you are fond of paintings, but also want an ample amount of natural light in your home, find another place for paintings. There are some places at the home which doesn’t need much light so that you can transfer your paintings there. A room with empty walls will surely feel spacious and bright. The maximum amount of light is required in the living room, so it is better to keep all the walls, especially the ones that are opposite to window, free of paintings.

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The window and bookshelves trick

There is a simple trick. As like paintings, bookshelves can also absorb light, making the room darker. But, since you can’t move everything out of place, follow a simple rule. Always keep the bookshelves perpendicular to the wall which has a window. The light falls on the front walls and reflects in the entire room, so placing bookshelves near the front wall can absorb the whole amount of light.

Treat the glare wisely

The glare of the glossy walls is not good, but the glare of shiny surfaces such as glass table can be helpful for you. All the Interior Designers near me and Interior Designers in Bangalore advise this trick to their clients. For me also, this trick works completely fine, and now it’s your turn.