Interior decoration fills our homes with energy. It adds beauty to a house and improves its life as well. One thing that makes interior designing even more impressive is the change in trends every few days. Each year we come up with some of the best design tips, follow them, and see them getting out of the limelight. 

If you are fond of home designing, keeping your decor up to date must be your hobby. Since 2020 has already stepped at the door, we are obliged to welcome it with all the fun, excitement, and, of course, a new look of the home. 

Decor enthusiasts have already started exploring the trends that will slay in the upcoming year. To help all those who are waiting to see the hottest design inspiration for the next year, experts of home remodeling in Bangalore have shared a few design elements that are in trend. Get started with the below-mentioned tips, and the new year party at your home will bring so many appreciations. 

Elegant And Eclectic 

If you want to add a glamorous touch to your interiors, bold and confident design elements will help. Liquid shaped and rounded curved furniture pieces add the kind of elegance you want to see.  2020 will not bound you to a certain era. From the sophisticated vibes of the thirties to the sexy opulence of the seventies, 2020 will equally embrace everything. 

Nature-inspired Elements 

2020 is going to be a great nature inspiration. From nature-inspired soothing tones to plants and organic elements, we have got so much to have a natural interior. You have a vast color palette of natural shades. From the greenish undertones to bright yellows, the color scheme is just amazing.  Plants have always been an integral part of the decor. The top interior designers in Bangalore suggest unnumbered ways of styling indoor plants in a unique and stylish way. 

You get connected to nature when you go natural. The 2020 trends are all about bringing in natural fibers like jute, rattan, and linen. Go for timber and artisanal decor stuff to bring in the beauty of nature. 

Simple And Natural 

2020 takes us away from the hassles and offers a home that feels so welcoming when we return from jobs. The level of comfort that the new trends will serve will make you go mad over your selection.  Invest in everything simple and natural like natural fibers, natural materials, natural colors, and natural shapes.  You can still go bold by choosing smart shapes like geometrical shapes for pillows and sofa covers. Choose florals for summer bed sheets and soothing designs for winters. 

Simple designs and materials will make your home comfortable, and you will stay in the trend longer because simplicity is the latest trend. 

Play And Pop

From geometrical shapes and prints to playful colors and decor, 2020 is all about making the interior lively. Choose colors that are vibrant and add more fun with colorful decorations. Soothing colors are best for bedrooms, but living rooms want you to go bright and bold. Shades like bright yellow, red, grey, leafy green, all look gorgeous when paired right. 

Add decor stuff that pops different cultures and enhances the overall theme of your rooms. Artwork in your rooms can add more fun by displaying pop culture. 

The Oversized Wall Decor

Oversized wall decor never goes out of style. The best thing about it is, it can cover an utterly empty wall without making it feel like overdone. The back wall of your sofa and bed needs a creative touch to prevent the area from feeling vacant when you don’t want to add shelves and other decor stuff.

Luxury interior designers in kammanahalli suggest buying large size murals or wall arts to give a unique and beautiful look to your walls. 

Minimal And Personal

The interior designing trends of 2020 are undoubtedly the best thing you will want to see at the end of twenty-twenties. We will enter a new decade with a significant change.  From extremely exaggerated artworks to minimalistic decor, we have come close to reality. The minimal and personal trend will be seen more and more this coming year. 

That balance between not-too much and not-enough with a touch of your personal interests is what makes the trend beautiful and worth adding in your interiors. 

Bring The Gardens In 

Plants have always been a part of our home decoration. We have separate plants for interiors and gardens. Now, 2020 wants you to do something different, and that’s why we are telling you to bring the gardens in. You don’t need to spread sand and create a real garden in your home.  The theme here is placing a lot of pots and beautiful plants in one part of the house. Choose a space that’s near the window so that plants can get the required atmosphere. 

Choose plants that grow easily and don’t need any special care and environmental conditions. 

An Outdoor Room

When interiors have embraced gardens, why can’t the outdoors have an interior feel? Design an outdoor room, especially for winters. You will love sitting under the warm sun and seeing your kids playing there.  Your outdoor room needs not to be like a bedroom. Instead, a comfortable bed and a few chairs with a round table will work fine. Decorate the area with pots and a ladder or other stylish shelf to keep everything you take outside organized. 

Comfort Is Priority 

What is important for you? Comfort or elegance, or both? Home interior designers review in Bangalore 2020 will turn the focus from camera-ready living rooms to rooms that offer comfort. The living room is a place where the whole family wants to spend some beautiful moments and create memories that will never disappear. You will love it more when it makes your movie night comfortable than it’s looking like a picture-perfect interior.

These were a few trends that you will see the most on your upcoming Pinterest feed. Share below if you also have some great inspirations.