Just like the moon changes its phase, interior designing trends also change year by year. Well, certainly few trends are evergreen. 2020 was an exceptional year, with various ups and downs. People stayed at their house, made it a happy place to live all along the day. The pandemic has made the digital design services a common need of every person. With a positive hope, we start with the New Year 2021 assuming it to being fabulous and mesmerizing. Let us look at some of the interior designing trends that may cross our ways this year. Why don’t you give your house a new look by following these amazing trends, try giving your rooms a new life?

  • Why not bring the history back, and make our homes vintage and comfortable? Having old and historic-looking furniture at home is like celebrating history. People do not prefer having such decor at home as it is outdated. But to be honest, an antique is all that is valued. The historic decor may include a traditional-looking rocking chair, a dining table with old gazed wood etc. try repainting your old furniture to change its look. Try to expose the vintage trim using the window shades. Bring in floral prints; traditional block prints and common colored furniture would also help.
  • Another amazing trend is of having a flutter slipcover sofa, cool yet subtle. It’s a sort of frill at the bottom of your sofa cover and an is amazingly soft to protect it from wear and tear.
  • Going natural is the biggest advantage, in this time of the pandemic. Nature is something everyone needs to get attached to. Bringing in more plants, more sunlight and natural resources is a brilliant idea. Giving the house a natural feel makes you feel cheerful and lighter. Apart from this, you can use raw wood furniture, or any furniture made up of natural material. For instance, a bamboo table or a bamboo sofa. Marble, metal, soil all of these can be used in the use, for décor.
  • Discovery new designs with present layouts and designs. While the world of design has a lot to offer our architecture, we can’t wait to continue discovering concepts, materials, and art provided by people of other cultures and backgrounds. To help build a more aware and beautiful home, diversity paves the way for fresh, better ideas and developments, and we are excited to see a greater wealth of talent brought to the forefront of the world of design and architecture. This will offer the industry the requisite vibrancy. The effect would be more cultured and engaging
  • Statement-Making Walls is also a new trend that you can follow while renovating your house. Always there should be a place or part of your house that attracts people. It could be your happy place too. How about having different and themed wallpaper for your kitchen, dining room and bedroom.
  • Open-Air Showers is definitely a trend changer. Simply having an open-air shower makes your traditional house into a modern classic house. Open-air showers provide you with an adorable feel, isn’t it? Since the advantage of an outdoor shower is extra time outdoors, by adding greenery, embrace your natural surroundings. Showering for days outside surrounded by palm leaves and foliage would make you feel like you are on a tropical holiday.
  • Feel the fabric, using velvet, soft boule, mohair gives you a really good feel, and the touch is smooth and soft. All of these looks Royal and increase the value of your house. Always choose materials that are enriching and appealing on their own. The use of these materials apart from the usual ones should have someplace in your house in 2021. Why not get your villa designed by the best luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore.
  • Realistic and minimal house offices are a need nowadays. This is an ongoing trend, as we are now preferably doing work from home. Having a small desk designed to work at home, with minimal furniture and decor makes your office room/study room appealing. You can complement your office room with nice wooden décor, some green plants and windows.
  • Have you ever wondered the concept of bringing in neo décor curves? Yes, these are quite trending these days. These are round shape, arcs similar to sunbursts. These types of sittings were seen in the 1920s-30s. You can have such decor merged with your current interior design layout. It can be loaded with different cushions, rugs and mats.
  • Industrial lighting is also in trend these days. You might have seen restaurants and bars having some fabulous lights that look amazing. These are quite big and interesting. For example, the classical wagon wheel chandelier, that looks amazing with a rustic theme. Industrial light designs can also include a cluster of pendant lights, rope pendant lamp, rectangular chandelier, asymmetrical chandelier, geometric pendant lights, clustered wheel chandeliers and a lot more. To know more about industrial lighting, reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore.
  • Balcony decor is a must need. 2020 has made us live in our homes, all packed because of the pandemic. Staying at home has become a new normal. Hence, exposure to sunlight is a must. When it is a risk stepping out of the house, why not from a balcony which is quite interesting and pleasant. A balcony should be comfortable, a place to cherish memories and enjoy nature. You can bring in amazing decor, with paintings, plants, lower sittings, fairy lights etc.
  • Well, we all might have become couch potatoes on the long sitting on the sofa. 2021 seriously needs to pump you up, to lose some weight. Having a fitness corner at your home is an essential need and hence a trend too.
  • Industrial interiors are often noticed with stonework, wood and metal elements, high ceilings and neutral colors. Spending more time at home brings in a feeling of renovation. This renovation should be different and unique from others. Hence to live in a place where you work and cherish your day should be lit.

Apart from all of these trends, the granny chic style shall be seen this year. It might be nostalgic, but interesting and vintage. Peel and stick wallpapers are also a part of this year’s trending list. Here were some of the amazing trends of 2021 that are on a boom. To know more about these ongoing trends, reach out to us. Magnon India is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, which provides you with good services and quality products. It shall be a pleasure to entertain your demands and desires. You can also check out the best luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore.