Interior gardening is an art of creating a garden-like environment in your home so as to manage the space, Interior design architects. As the name suggests, the garden which we grow inside our home and living area is said to be an indoor garden.

This technique is highly beneficial for people living in small homes or apartments where there is not enough space and land to grow a garden.

Gardening is an enjoyable hobby that helps you relax even in lousy weather like winter when you are not able to go outside. And indoor gardening helps when there is no space outside, but you still want to go greener.

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The indoor plants are also used to make your home beautiful and give an attractive look to your interior. According to Interior design architects, indoor gardening is not as hard as it seems. It is effortless to make your indoor garden if you have a keen interest in plants and flowers.

Here are some great tips you can follow to start with your indoor garden.

Choose a Design

First of all, what you have to do is to select the right design for your indoor garden. For example, you can go for hanging pots, vertical containers, framed plants, and many more according to available space.

Now, once you choose a design, you have to stick to it for as long as your work will appear through your garden’s beauty.

Don’t bother about the trends, even if you do it 80’s, the refreshing beauty will soon make it the next new trend.

Moreover, you can also hang lamps and other decorative ornaments besides the plants if you like.

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Choose Right Space

After picking up a design, you have to select a proper space where natural light and air cames properly. Plenty of good natural light is necessary for keeping the plants fresh and their growth alive.

Moreover, some of the indoor plants like succulents can grow in minor resources as well.

Start With Few

The concept of “less is more” applies to everything in the world. When it’s your first time, select only a specific number of plants that you can handle.

Also, one thing that every new gardener should remember is that plants need some room to breathe. Some plants like mint will take over the space of other plants and kill their growth. So, choose a few and that too wisely.

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Control Properly

You always have to keep a watch on your plants and protect them from excessive temperature, pets, stray animals, and children.

Moreover, overwatering can also find the growth of your plants. Interior design architects say that you must know about the conditions that the plant you are growing can bear.

Choose Right Plants

As discussed above plants like mint kill the growth of other plants. So, wisely select the right plants which can be grown together. Choose plants that do not harm other plants and can withstand with each other for a longer time.

Growing herbs plants are much more difficult as they need more moisture and more care.

Bringing the Outdoors In With Balcony Garden

The most common type of indoor gardening is a balcony garden. Your balcony is the most appropriate place for growing plants if you don’t have any unused land left near your house. The Interior design architects that creating a balcony garden in your home gives you something more than just a garden.

The balcony is the only place where your plants can grow even faster and better than any other indoor place. It is the only place which can be used as both indoor and outdoor gardening.

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In the interior of your house, balcony and windows are the only things that are connected directly to the environment. The plants in the balcony can be grown both horizontally and vertically so as to maximize the space. However, a window isn’t the best place for plants, but you can still have a little succulent on the table near the window.

So, if this all makes you feel like having a balcony garden, the below tips will surely help.

Don’t Grow Plants Directly From Seeds

Growing plants directly from seeds is not as easy as it seems. Growth of plants from seeds directly takes a lot of time and needs too much care. If you are thinking to make a balcony garden for the first time, start with some potted plants. These plants are easier to grow and can also tolerate more temperature variations.

Make Combinations

A balcony is a small space so to make it more beautiful try to grow plants of different categories at one place. Don’t try to add only flowering plants you can add some vines and other plants in the same pot to make an attractive combination.

You can choose any combination according to your priorities and budget.

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Not every plant is suitable for every season. So, while choosing plants at least once check the plant’s season and then grow plants only according to season.

If possible, remove those plants which are not suitable for the present season and select only those plants which can grow best in the current climatic conditions.

Removing flowering plants after their blooming season passes is the best way to keep your balcony garden beautiful.


Interior design architects suggest choosing plants according to their color. Make color combinations with the beautiful green color of leaves. However, it is suggested to not opt for more than two colors as it will make the theme disturbed.

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Buy some beautiful pots with different designs and colors to make your balcony more attractive and charming.

Choosing the right containers is also a crucial task. You can choose pots of different sizes and textures. Consider vertical gardening pots to decrease crowd on the floor space.

Buy Pebbles and Accessories

Pebbles and accessories are readily available online at cheap rates. You can buy some vertical gardening pots to plant more plants vertically.

Adding some pebbles, gravel, and colorful stones around your plants makes your interior garden have the best of its beauty.