Nowadays, most of the Indian people are adopting western trends to decorate their homes. The clean and sleek look of Western interiors is quite exciting and tempting enough to create. But, the desi design styles are so exotic that we can’t help but come back to them. Everyone is adopting the Indian decor styles wholeheartedly. The traditional Indian styles were more about the crafty touch, and that’s why these are hard to bring in. But, with some bit of modern classics, you can create an Indian style interior that’s warm and welcoming. The mix-up of so many cultures in Indian decor makes it versatile and vibrant. It has so many variants that speak the beauty of different cultures. The history and art add of Indian designs are not only Indian, but they say a lot about the guests of India as well. What attracts us more towards the design is the touch of simplicity and the elegance of adds. Indian people have always been crafty and have shown interest in creating beautiful designs on walls. So, it’s kind of hard to bring in, but it’s still graceful and simple. For all those Indian decor style lovers, we have summed up some of the most beautiful things about the design style. Read on to know how the design can rock your interiors as well.

The Most Vibrant Colours

Home Decor Indian interiors surprise us with a variety of bright colors that add life to the interiors. It has a vast palette that has every color, and you are sure to fall for more than one shade. Burnt oranges, earthy browns, and ochre yellows, all these earthy tones are mesmerizing enough to be painted to your walls. The two darker shades are also great for floors. You can add some fun with bright yellow, pink, blue, and green. All such shades could be added in the form of cushion covers, rugs, chairs, table covers, and much more. One other great idea to bring in Indian styles is to create your base with a soft and light color. Add the brighter shades in the form of accessories and furniture, and you will have something vibrant in a safe theme.

Wooden Furniture

Home Decor Wooden furniture is the life of Indian interiors as it signifies the Indian craftsmanship. The curved armrests and legs present the authenticity of traditional Indian pieces. Indian interiors belong more to chairs and some special kind stools that are also called “mudhas”. These handmade woven pieces add a touch of traditional and crafty effect to your interiors.

Cabinets that Speak the Style

Home Decor We love that ivory inlay work on Indian cabinetry the most. It’s so elegant that no one can take their eyes off. The mirrored work, bright colors, and metallic designs. The cabinetry is functional as well as beautiful, and that’s the best part of it. Storage pieces have always been a significant part of Indian interiors. These aren’t hidden but put them on the show so that everyone can see the beauty carved in them. Be proud to add these solid wood prices as accent pieces, and you will have something functional and beautiful.

The Informal Meetup Areas

Home Decor The Indian culture believes more in informal meeting areas, and that’s why one such room is necessary if you are trying Indian styles. The rooms have versatile seating in the form of Diwaans, Sofas, Chairs, and Footstools are an integral part. Bring in woven furniture to create a crafty look or wooden furniture with soft leather furnishings. Rugs are a crucial part of Indian decor to add warmth and color to the room. A swing can also be added as a classic piece, but it will look better if you have some outdoor space near the informal room. And if you have created the space in an open area, you are good to have everything in one place.

Bring in the Real India

Home Decor The real Indian luxury comes with traditional artifacts. Your beautiful Indian style interior will be incomplete without the decorative pieces made from sandalwood, metal, and marble. Earthen pots and brass lamps are inseparable charms of Indian beauty.

Say thanks to Handmade Fabrics

Home Decor The soft and quality handwoven fabrics of Indian will add a touch of glamour and comfort to your home. The whole world admires the Indian handspun textiles for ages, and that’s why it must be an integral part of your decor. The Indian fabrics can be styled in the form of bed sheets, carpets, curtains and folds, and dhurries. Make use of soft cotton for bedsheets and khaki for chairs. The footstools and rugs can be made of jute. The Interior design architects in Whitefield suggest silk for upholstery and cushions. Add florals and that for the real Indian look.

Complete the look with Motifs and Patterns

Home Decor Motifs and patterns are one of the most important and integral parts of Indian interior design styles. The nature-themed motifs with birds, flowers, and animals, the intricate mandala motifs and Indian Paisley prints, everything is so classy and vibrant that you will love the overall look. Make sure you choose them with the help of your decorator as many of them serve as a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs. You might not want to bring in something you don’t know signifies what. So, it’s better to be sure before getting them.

The Regal Artworks

Home Decor The royal look of Indian styles couldn’t be achieved perfectly until you buy the regal artworks. Madhubani paintings, Rajasthani miniature paintings, Tanjore gold leaf paintings. Add a large one in the center or create a gallery wall with several smaller pieces. So, these were some tips to add Indian styles in your homes. Be smart while choosing the style and don’t forget to take the help of the best designers near you to turn around the best effect.