The interior design architect in Yelahanka suggests that gardens are an essential part of every home. If you don’t have outdoor space, a garden in the balcony or on the roof will fill the vacant. You can even bring the gardens in the indoor garden even in your living rooms with hanging plants.

A garden is one of the best places to spend some morning and evening time. It creates a fresh environment around the home. The freshness of flowers makes you feel better, even in the worst mood. So, if you are thinking to create a garden, you are going right.

Interior design architect in Yelahanka

We all know gardens by the name gardens and initially, don’t know that they can even have types. But yes, they have. Gardens can be of various kinds, depending on your choice. For example, it can also depend on the flowers you choose, like a flower garden.

Let’s have a look at the different types of gardens:

Herb Garden

An herb garden contains mixed medicinal and culinary herbs. Herb gardens look so beautiful with the floor covering greedy topped up with the vibrant colored flowers. Though herbs are used in every type of garden to create designs, you can create an herb specific garden if you don’t want to mix it up with other plants. You can plant them in combination to create a beautiful view. There are endless varieties of herbs such as mint, thyme, lavender, coriander, fennel, oregano, sage, etc.

Interior design architect in Yelahanka

Water Garden

Who doesn’t love pools and water resources? A water garden is all about water surfaces making you crazy to jump and relax. Though, this isn’t possible every time, water gardens are really a cool way of creating something beautiful around the home. You need a constant supply of water to create such a garden. Also, there must not be a shortage of water in your area because then you’ll be wasting a precious resource of others part. A small pond, fountains, and containers with water and floating plants are some of the ideas to follow while preparing a water garden.

Rock Garden

The famous rock garden of Chandigarh is the best thing to remember when you need inspiration for your rock garden. Where there is a hilly area, rock gardens are a great way to create something exceptional. Make use of rocks and stone to create some beautiful designs, but don’t keep it limited to rocks only. You also need plants. Alpine’s are the best thing to grow in rock gardens. Some of the plants that come in the category of alpine include gazania, dianthus, azaleas, begonias, Linum, primula, etc.

Interior design architect in Yelahanka

Rose Garden

Who doesn’t love roses? These beautiful flowers have always drone us crazy with such vibrant colors. The flowers can be picked in as many colors as you want. The beauty of the flower is what makes the gardeners will the whole area with a single flower. Rose gardens only have different colored roses, and that’s what is specific about it. It doesn’t carry any other flower. You will need to check out which roses can grow best in your climate before proceeding on to grow.

Shade Gardens

If you have a large tree which you don’t want to cut, a shade garden will be the best thing to start. There are several plants and vines that don’t require much might and can survive under a shade. Choose beautiful ground covers, flowers, and vines to create the overall look. You will love the way the vines hug the tree creating an amazing environment. The flowers will add freshness, and the shadow of green will make it a perfect garden in hot areas like Bangalore as suggested by the Interior design architect in Yelahanka.

Interior design architect in Yelahanka

Container Gardening

Gardening in containers is not a new concept. Container gardening is by far the best way to start with, especially if you are new to gardening. You can grow foliage, herbs, and flowers in the containers. In container gardening, you can plant different plants in separate containers, or you can combine similar species to create a combination. For example, if you are growing herbs, you can mix a variety of herbs, but make sure you keep mint alone. As mint grows too fast and can take over other plants in the container.

Bulb Gardens

So we all love those beautiful spring flowers. If you are also a fan of those beauties and want to have them in your garden as well, the Interior design architect in Yelahanka suggest starting right away. Since they require a lot of maintenance, you might find it a bit difficult to manage, but the reward that you see at the end of the year will make it worthwhile. To get the bulbs ready for the new season, you need to divide them when the season ends.

Interior design architect in Yelahanka

Annual Gardens

If you love the freshness of vibrant colored flowers, your search might end here. Annuals are easy to grow, and the show they create is something you will surely love. Starting from spring till fall, these beauties keep on showing all the shades of the color palette. Though they don’t require much maintenance, regular care is necessary. Keep watering them on time plus don’t weeding the weeding process If you want them to stay healthy.

Balcony Garden

The interior decorators in Bangalore suggest opting for a balcony garden if you want the beauty and freshness even if you don’t have floor space. Those who live in flats can’t have an outdoor garden, and that’s where a balcony garden helps.

You can have potted plants, containers, and vines, creating an arbor in your balcony. You can hang beautiful little pots with succulents and add a bit of color with spring flowers. A balcony garden can have any plant that can survive in your climate. You can also grow herbs.

Interior design architect in Yelahanka

These were some of the most common types of gardens. Depending on the flowers you choose, you can have a different enclosure. You can also grow vegetables and make it your vegetable garden.