Interior Design Architect South Bangalore, a green home is a revolutionary step toward decreasing pollution. It is a great initiative and government has also supported people who go for green homes. Interior Design Architect in Bangalore have brought a lot of exciting ideas to make green rooms more lovable. Also, the reduced investments have also made the technology more popular.

Interior Design Architect South Bangalore

New concepts are emerging out to make these more modern home more efficient. The exciting projects are available in all prices which means you don’t need to step back because of less budget. So, if you have made up your mind and want to proceed with the idea of building a green home, here are some smart tips to help you.

1. Solar energy is the best

Power is the primary environment if every home and when you have a chance of using solar energy, why not go for it. In green homes, you get the opportunity to use native solar technology and use the geographical benefits. Interior Design Architect in Bangalore can help you analyze the best way to position your home and the right location to place the solar panel to collect maximum power. By doing so, you get the chance to contribute to a happy and clean environment plus government also supports you with one extra benefits.

Interior Design Architect South Bangalore

2. Build a smaller one

You don’t need to build a little cottage, but yet the home you construct must be as small as it could be without dominating over your requirements. A smaller Eco-friendly will have a lesser impact on the environment. First, consider your lifestyle and analyze how much space you need. Many factors come into play when it comes to building a home such as how many members are there, what are your requirements, the number of kids and elders, and many more. Plan everything wisely and make sure that space is manageable and cost-effective. Don’t expand the square feet unnecessarily.

3. Keep the roof cool

No one would like to have a green heating home, and you might not be an exception. Roof plays a vital role in keeping the interiors cool as the roof can reflect or absorb the sunlight depending on the material used. Materials that reflect sunlight and keep heat incorporated for lesser time will be best to keep the home cool. You have a variety of options such as terra cotta, special membranes, white tiles, slate, and metal roofing products. All these have different green benefits and varied range of prices which gives you the flexibility to make the best decision according to your budget.

Interior Design Architect South Bangalore

4. Make use of the geothermal power

You get access to limitless geothermal energy which could be used for several purposes. You can heat and cool your home with this power by adopting some special methods which Interior Design Architect in Bangalore will explain to you.

5. Contribute your part in sustainable development

The material that you will be using in your home must be renewable so that you can start this significant step towards being Eco-friendly. Wood is a great renewable construction material that is ideal to help you reduce the impact of construction on the environment. For flooring also, you can use cork, linoleum, and bamboo which are made of natural and renewable materials. Linoleum is known to have a great lifespan, and that’s why it is considered best Eco-friendly flooring material.

Interior Design Architect South Bangalore

6. Reuse and recycle

Reuse and recycle is one of the best strategies ever found by humans to save nature. During the construction of the home, using some materials which could be recycled in the future can give you a great start with your goal. Today, countertops are being made with recycled aluminum, glass, and soda cans. For better options, you can ask for recycled steel, plastic, and wood options. Don’t worry about the quality of products; all the recycled products are of high quality and durable.

7. Design the surrounding land

You can design the surrounding area of your home in such a way that it gives you a great place to rest and helps you reduce the impact on the environment too. You will get a less expensive lawn which could be easily managed. The Interior Design Architect in Bangalore have some great ideas to design the landscapes around the green homes to create a combination that gives a good treat to nature. Xeriscaping involves the use of rocks and native plants which helps in reducing the use of water in the gardens.

8. Water is an important part

Water is the primary need of every human being. We can’t survive without water and that’s why there is a great need to save water. There are many ways of saving water in a green home such as using low flow faucets, emery start rated washers, and tank-less water heaters. Some auto pause products are also available in market that prevent wastage of water after the water is heated up. Rainwater harvesting is also a good idea to collect and clean water water for drinking purpose. If not fine for drinking, it can be used for watering plants in the gardens.

Interior Design Architect South Bangalore

9. Thermostats

The new inventions in the technology have made the thermostats approachable in every home. The standard off-shelf ones can be even installed in the existing homes us they have become standard for every new home because of their higher functionality. The new ones, focused on latest technology have some highly programmed features. There heating and cooling activities can be regulated according to your needs like time, the presence in home. The products reduce your heating and cooling bills and save energy too.

10. Energy star windows

The new rock starts in the market are energy start windows. Though they are new, their functionality is nowhere less. Government have rated them as energy start products because of their efficiency. According to experiments these are competitively more efficient than the already existing technology. Even the double-pane energy efficient window models are not before them in the race.