The Interior decorator in Bangalore¬†suggest some simple tips that help you infuse Scandinavian influence to your home. Let’s have a look at the things that you should in mind while designing your home in Scandinavian style.Simple yet beautiful, Scandinavian styles are the new trend that all of us are dying to see in our homes. The focuses on minimalism, functionality, and simple designs have made it take over the world in a short period of time. Scandinavian designs are truly amazing because of their extraordinarily crafty and elegance. From floors to walls and lighting to decorating, every design needs some unique things to be followed for the best look.

Interior decorator in Bangalore


Scandinavian interior designing lights your home in a natural way. The emphasis is on finding some natural ways to lit up the room. You must have seen that the homes that incorporate Scandinavian styles have large windows. If your home already has bigger windows, don’t try to cover them with curtains. The natural lighting they bring will make your home feel fresh and lit up. For a whimsical glow inside the house, candles are a must-have. Moreover, to adequately light up the household in the night, you might need some good lighting source. The best ones include unique and beautiful pendant lighting.


If you are someone who is obsessed with carpets, Scandinavian styles want you to change your mind. The Scandinavian floors are made of natural wood. You can paint the wood white or keep it natural as per your wish. The secret behind painting white is attracting more natural light again complimenting Scandinavian styles.

Interior decorator in Bangalore

Moreover, you can’t go for wooden flooring in bathrooms and for that heated tiles are considered a good option. These tiles not only have an amazing appearance but keep the base warm in winters. Add braided pure white rugs just below the furniture without intending to cover the whole room, and you are going the right way.


To have the right ambience of Scandinavian styles, you need to be wise while choosing the colours. The luxury interior designers in Bangalore can help you on this because if you do it yourself, you are probably going to do something wrong. The reason is, the Scandinavian trend is something too different from other styles. Like floors, the designers suggest having white walls for a fresh and light absorbing paint. Match cool grey or blue textiles you will end up having a beautiful combination. You can have many more shades and combos according to the theme of your home.


Scandinavian styles talk more about wood than anything else. Two things that very much describe the trend are wooden decor and minimalism. Scandinavian interior designing asks for wood in everything from floors to walk, and you have to put it on show. Hiding the look with paint will take away that feeling, but if you want you can go with white shade for flooring. Wooden cladding on walls will make bring the best Scandinavian vibes with little efforts. It will make the wall appear modern and add safety to it as well. If the oily shine of pine or oak make you feel uncomfortable, use free oil for top coating.

Interior decorator in Bangalore

Form and function

Scandinavian interiors are natural, simple, and elegant. Round edged simple furniture slays clean lines making the seating comfortable and exciting. Choose natural hues for a completely fresh and natural look in the home. Not only the furniture, the curtains and other decorative stuff in the house also needs this simplistic and realistic treatment. One more thing that best defines Scandinavian styles is functionary. You don’t go overboard with creativity and beauty making the house less liveable. Keep the designs simple and functional. Everything in the home is supposed to be functional first and decorative later. The home interior designers in Jayanagarmark this as one of the reasons that people love about this trend more and more.

Fireplace and focus

Whenever we talk about any interior designing style, the fireplace is often considered as the focal point of any room. Scandinavian rooms too have a fireplace because it’s the trend we picked from Europe where the long-lasting winter makes it a necessity. But, what’s different is that here the fireplace is simple and is not supposed to be the centre of attraction. Instead of being in the middle of the room, gathering huge attention, Scandinavian styles fetch them to corners for a simplistic view. The trend accepts simple columns instead of highly decorated ones.

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When it comes to furniture, nothing can beat mid-century styles. Why we love these pieces is because they go so well with Scandinavian styles because of that vintage woodiness and natural appearance. The time when the trend of such pieces was started, the enhance took over the world and the charm has not yet left our hearts. Bring in some beautiful pieces or create yourself with little modification of your old furniture. The interior designers suggest choosing plain and artistic furniture that is functional, vintage, and simply elegant.

Go eco-friendly

The standard of the Swedish family gives us better Scandinavian goals that are not only awesome for our homes but also the environment. Triple glazed walls are something we have been seeing from so long now, and it is one of the trends we can follow in our Scandinavian themed homes. The second thing to observe is proper insulation for the roof and walls that adds both safety and elegance. Moreover, the ground source heat pumps are something we have always admired because of their functionality and natural goodness.

Interior decorator in Bangalore


Scandinavian style doesn’t hate accessories but doesn’t love either. Declutter your home as much as possible, and you are stepping ahead in the right direction. Moreover, geometric shapes are the best things you can add to your Scandinavian decor. Circular cushions, hexagonal wall arts, and cylindrical vases make the 6th-grade math so interesting for you.