Modular Kitchen manufactures

Modular kitchen is like a blessing when you have smaller space. They offer ample space for all your small and big utensils. Working in a modular kitchen is very easy and convenient because you can easily keep track of everything. The variety of designs, impressive styles, and vibrant colors of the modular kitchen manufactures make them a piece of art. But the various cabinets, racks, and drawers need proper care to work well for a long time. Here are some tips you should keep in mind if you own a modular kitchen.

Don’t let the parts get jammed

The doors and drawers of your modular kitchen can get jammed over time especially the ones that are opened rarely. It is advised to open all the doors and drawer after every 15-20 days and check if they are working nicely. If you are facing any problem while opening, ask a professional for a solution and don’t use your own ideas. These inbuilt parts of your kitchen will last longer if you give a little time and care.

Modular Kitchen manufactures

Overloading is a strict no

Every rack, drawer or cabinet has its own capacity and they can handle the weight to a certain limit which your designer will tell you. Usually, the drawer is meant to handle a weight of maximum 70 kg. Modular Kitchen manufactures. Overloading the drawers with more than their capacity can affect their opening and closing mechanism. When you stuff the drawers with excess weight the channels get loosen and this eventually affects its opening and closing.

Cleaning must be soft and bearable

Sometimes when something gets hardened on the surface we tend to use the sharp object like a knife to peel the thing off. But this is not the way to clean because being harsh can steal away the beauty. Even you should not use harsh cleaning agents as they can lead to faded colors and many other problems. Use a mild detergent and a soft scrubber or even cloth to clean the surface of your modular kitchen and its parts.

Modular Kitchen manufactures

Panels are not meant to lean upon

The hinges that secure the panels of your modular kitchen can’t bear the weight of your body and you must be careful of that. If they don’t break and fall off for the first time, it doesn’t mean they will never be. They will handle the weight for a few times but it will cause dislocation of hinges and you will need to spend a decent amount of money to get that fixed.

Chimney filter must be kept clean

You must clean your chimney filter regularly, but why? Because the air that passes through it is full of dust, grease, and many other unwanted things. The unwanted material that passes with air gets stuck in the suction and hinder its working and the filter then will not work properly. So, you must clean your chimney filter on regular basis to keep it working fine. The chimney filter must be cleaned at least once a month.