greenery and natural light, Dark and dreary inside the home doesn’t make the house feel energetic and that’s why natural light is considered best to keep the house full of positive energy. Also, if you welcome some greenery inside the house, it will feel exotic and fresh inside. Both of these things create a soothing sensation in the home but is that so easy to get the two together? No, but not so tough too. Here are some tips to get natural light and greenery to your home along with making it look fabulous.

greenery and natural light

The yard can be the solution

Integrating your yard with your home can help in getting the required natural light. The greenery of the yard can show its effect inside too and thus you can get both together. Keep your windows open and let the outside and inside of your home embrace, so that they can share the natural sunlight with a touch of cool and fresh air.


Paint is probably the simplest thing you can do to make a big change in your home. Darker paint on your walls absorbs the light coming inside but the brighter one reflects the light making your home bright. The brightest paint is white but it is the coolest one too, try to paint your walls with dull white colour for a warmer sensation. This can be your two in one solution.

greenery and natural light

Customize your balcony

It’s not so easy to get greenery inside the house, as it is usually focused on garden only. But balcony area is a good place to add greenery by using hanging flower pots and other beautiful green things. You can use natural flowers for the pots in tables and other places to keep the things alive. Expand your garden to your windows and feel the greens near you. Also, make sure you keep your plants trimming regularly so that they don’t stop the light from coming in.

Reflective flooring and glass surfaces

Push the carpets away and install shiny hardwood flooring or bright tiles for a brighter interior effect. They work just like paints and help in making your home brighter. If you can invest in a complete wall then replace it with glass or instead make your door with glass to welcome more light. Designing in the kitchen and other interior parts of the home also looks beautiful and reflective.

greenery and natural light

Statement interior plants

It’s already a garden outside the house and you wouldn’t mind destroying the idea of planting huge plants inside the home which make it look like a garden. But you can add some statement interior plants in a huge pot for sure. Choose a place in your hall or study room (for a soothing effect while working) and you are done.

Raise your ceilings

Bigger windows and higher ceilings are also nice ways to store a good amount of light. If you are making a new home, keep this idea in mind. An interior plant covering your window can add some more charm to the home.