Studio Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore

Studio apartments are also known as bachelor’s apartments, which has a living room, bedroom, kitchen and washroom. Most of these apartments have partitions to create demarcation. The size of a studio apartment may range from 250-700 ft.² The main feature that you need to ponder upon in a studio apartment is the management of space and organization of stuff.

There are plenty of benefits to having a studio apartment. Before we move further, let’s take a look into some of these benefits

  1. First of all, It is a perfect fit for couples and singles.
  2. Studio apartments are space-efficient
  3. You need not pay long bills, hence cutting cost
  4. Studio apartments are an inexpensive option as compared to 2BHK or even 3BHK flats.
  5. They require very less maintenance
  6. Designing and managing space in a studio apartment is easy

We, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore are here to help you out design your studio apartment in a more fun and attractive way. The main motive of designing a studio apartment is to make it more functional, more spacious and aesthetically appealing. Let us take a look at some of the most common ways to design a studio apartment


There are two major difficulties when it comes to designing a studio apartment. On one hand, you need to make partitions and define spaces where is on the other hand you need to make space is more functional and organized.

Work on the colour scheme

A studio apartment is a very small flat you cannot have 5-6 colours in this apartment. it is recommended to focus on one colour scheme, especially a neutral colour. You can follow the rule of 60-30-10, where 60% is a dominant shade, 30% is the secondary shade and 10% is the accent shade. To be specific, you can have a colour scheme of white, brown and cream or white, yellow, blue. Colour has no limit, but here as the apartment is small it is better to have light and pastry colours rather than bold colours. This will help your room appear larger. You may believe that monochrome exclusively refers to white or grey interiors, but this is also monochromatic. Soft pink walls contrast with a deeper pink velvet sofa, both of which are part of the same colour scheme. It’s vibrant, yet in a soothing way. To have a proper sense of the 60-30-10 rule contact the best interior designers in Bangalore. They can help you figure out a perfect colour scheme.

Accent walls

The best way to bring in bold colours in your studio apartment is by having only 1 accent wall. You can have a bold or abstract accent wall either in your living room or bedroom. Generally, it becomes difficult to incorporate art due to lack of space, therefore this accent wall can act as a huge artwork in your studio apartment. It satisfies your urge of having a bold colour wall in your perfectly amazing studio apartment.

Creative partition

The studio apartment Does not have walls to mark spaces. We, One of the best studio apartment designers in Bangalore advise you to have a partition to demarcate spaces. One of the most common ways is to have a glass partition. This is because having a glass partition illuminates your apartment and makes it looks bigger. You can have more creative ideas that can help you in optimizing space. For instance how about having a bookshelf as a partition between your bedroom and living room? Apart from this, you can even have foldable partitions just to create a sense of privacy. This can be removed the whenever need.

Define functional spaces

The effort to make the room feel overly utilitarian is one of the most common mistakes we encounter with studio apartment decoration. This is common when individuals have an insufficient budget and expect to move into larger living quarters in the future, prompting them to overlook investing in the design of their studio. Don’t make a mistake with your design! Each section of your open-concept design has a useful purpose. Even if there are no walls or doors to divide your area, your objective should be to make each portion feel like its own room. It doesn’t take much to go from strictly utilitarian to purposefully planned design

Visual heights

When you have limited space and a small house, the best way to optimise both is by creating visual heights. This helps your place look as large as possible. Usually, what people have in mind is that it is always good to have cabinets, shelves at eye level. Now visual heights can bring in a change. Or you can do is have vertical shelves, large room dividers, large wall art, bookshelves, ladder storage, ceiling cabinets etc. amazing way to make your room look larger is by having a large mirror. This is a very traditional way to make your house look big. You can even have the hanging decor in your house; it would either be pendant lights, fabric decor like jute hangings etc.

Selective furniture

In a studio apartment, we recommend you to have a minimalistic layout. You need to be very picky about the furniture, it should be fully functional and at the same time, you cannot compromise on the aesthetics. It is essential to have sustainable and efficient picks for your house. First of all the furniture should not occupy much space. Try to bring in multifunctional furniture that can be used for various other purposes. For example, you can have a bed that can be converted into a sofa; you can have recliners where you can chill. Apart from this, a bookshelf can be a place where you keep books along with plants and another small decor. Moreover, you can bring in a coffee table, for two men to create a small sitting area. There is a lot that can be done with furniture in spaces. In one corner of your house, you can have a large and bright relaxing chair. To know more about how Furniture can be incorporated into your small studio apartment, reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Create invisible spaces

Works on camouflaging your storage in the area to prevent having your studio apartment feel like a closet and to keep it from looking congested. You may do this by utilizing double-duty furniture that appears to be something else, or by painting or purchasing storage in the same colour as your walls, so it blends in rather than stands out. It is very easy to create in invisible spaces at home. For instance, you can have a bed with a box to store stuff. You can even have drawers beneath your loft bed or you can have a nice designer trunk that looks like a coffee table.

Raise your bed

There are 2 ways in which you can have your bed place in your studio apartment. Firstly, you can have a regular box be, with the increased height. Now, to increase the height of your bed either you can have a small wooden stage beneath your bed. This wooden stage can have various drawers to organise stuff. Secondly, you can have a loft bed or a bunk bed. The main motive of bringing a bunk bed in a studio apartment is to manage space. Beneath the bunk bed you can make a workstation or a Small Home Office. Apart from this, a bunk bed would require stairs to climb up. These stairs can also have drawers to optimise storage. Generally, if you do not prefer a bunk bed you need to allocate different space to a bed and different space to a work table. This becomes very complex and organised in a small house and hence the second option is more feasible.


Though small dark rooms might appear dramatic, always try to lighten and brighten your small studio when in doubt. It will appear larger if you make it brighter. So clean your windows and remove anything that may be obstructing natural light. Colours and materials may be used to lighten the space. Make sure there’s enough light where it’s required.

Portable tables

Collapsible tables and chairs are preferable since they can be utilized just when needed. This is one of the greatest illustrations of a contemporary lifestyle. You can have a folding table in the kitchen that you can open when you need to perform prep work. You can have collapsible small side tables to keep your phone charging at night.

De-clutter spaces

There is a major significance of Indian homes; the stuff gets piled up day by day. It is very necessary to free our space especially when you’re living in a small area. Overcrowding would just create a mess and make your house look smaller. Hence if there are any unwanted items at your home, make sure you remove them and just keep the necessary ones at him.

A peaceful house is clean. When your area is clutter-free, it will appear to be larger. At least once every couple of weeks, put away clothing, wipe off countertops, and vacuum the rugs. While you’re cleaning, do a quick de-cluttering, rearrange drawers, and get rid of any unwanted clutter.

Utilize windows area

In a studio, wall space is limited, so if you can save it by positioning your bed against a window, you’ll have more room for artwork or modest furniture, such as a console table.

Bring in antiques

We being one of the best studio apartment designers in Bangalore recommend you to bring in antiques to decorate your house. These antiques can be large vintage pieces, artefacts, amazingly carved out furniture or even antique lamps. You can. incorporate your studio apartment with jaali designs and bring light reflection for ambience.


It is always advised to have white curtains in a studio apartment to bring in the element of height, privacy and comforts. If you are thinking of having sliding doors, forget about it and just go for white curtains. It is impossible to move doors but you can move curtains on the sides when you require no privacy. These curtains might appear to be a very small element of your studio apartment but can create a great impact.

Creative storage

To get the most out of storage Make a studio apartment a smart house by eliminating any cord connections by using baskets, four and one boxes, kitchen baskets, huge bins, rolling drawers, pull out trash cans, risers, wall cabinets, and so on. Have long speakers and long lights that can be tucked into any corner without taking up too much room.

These were some of the most common ways in which you can design your studio apartment. The main intention while designing a studio apartment should be that, your apartment should be functional, you cannot compromise on the aesthetics’ and you need to optimise storage very carefully. Even if you make a small change in your house, it can create a large impact. Apart from all of these ideas, you can have plenty of decor items in your house along with various plants. Designing a studio apartment is not a complex process, all you need to do is understand what your needs are and eliminate all the unnecessary stuff. if you’re planning to have a studio apartment and you are still confused as to how you need to design it, reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore as they may help you choose the best furniture, decor and colour palette for your house.