Zig Ziglar quote “Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love.”

A kid’s bedroom should also be as cheerful and charming as kids. It should be colourful, rich in aesthetics, fully functional and luxurious. It should be a happy place for them so that they can spend hour and hours in it. To help you with the designing of your kids shared bedroom, we are here with some amazing ideas and designs. Before you start designing, you need to figure out the commons and likes/dislikes of your kids. This is a little complicate job because you need to set contrasts and coordination as per the liking of your children.  Well, for laymen it would be a difficult and complex task. Why don’t you take the help of the best interior designers in Bangalore? They can help you figure out perfect colour combinations and décor, considering choices. In the end, the room should portray the personality of your child, the spirit and ambience of the room should be happy and joyous.

How to start designing?

Split the space

First of all split your room into half, so that your kids get equal proportional. It could be a vertical split or just divide the space as per the accommodation of the twin furniture. Consider the measurements and angles before splitting the room. Making proper demarcations can help you design the room effectively.

Plan your room

When you have made the demarcation, now plan on having furniture. Figure out the bed, table, Almirah, bookshelves, TV units, other cabinets and drawers. Nowadays, designing a kid’s bedroom isn’t an easy task, because there is a lot of variety. You get different types of bed, table, Almirah etc. with 100s of designs. Moreover choosing the right material also is a very integral part, hence reaching out to the best interior designers in Bangalore could be the best alternative.

Use dividers

Dividers can be used for separation, these are of various types. For example, if your child is a book lover then you can have a huge bookshelf as the dividers to keep books and other minor accessories. You can also have a plant divide are, with small pots and climbers. You can have gotten, a sliding gate, a folding screen to separate the area. If there is enough space in the room, you can use furniture that complements the room. Moreover, you can separate the room with levels instead of a wall. There are plenty of ideas that you can adopt. If you have a small room you can just go for curtains or wall hangings.

Usually, if you have two or more kids you can go for a bunk bed rather than having separate beds. This will help you adjust space, especially when you have a small room and will also make it look like a kids bedroom. There are various patterns in which bunk beds are available in the market. It is even available in steel, wooden and other material. The designs are also very simple and stylish. In some of them, you get ladders whereas the others come with a slide. Nowadays a bunk bed is not stupid but also has various other features like a play area, an Incorporated table etc. if you have a large room, you can have bunk beds with enough space we need to incorporate a study table and Almirah.

How about a trundle bed

You can also prefer a trundle bed; this is a pull-out bed that can provide you with side-by-side sleep space. If you have 2-3 kids then this could be the best option. Moreover, it does not occupy much space and is very convenient for you. You can just push it inside when not needed.

Neutral palette

If you have a boy and a girl, two girls or two boys, a neutral palette will provide a backdrop for inspiration as the children get older. You should leave the walls alone and easily switch up accents inside your neutral shell when you want a move. A twin-sharing bedroom can have a rainbow rug, a geometric sheet blanket, and a variety of scatter cushions. The speckled walls complement the trendy decor while still promising to be adaptable and changeable.

Distinguish with colour

You can divide spaces with help of colours. If you have a girl, you can use shades like pink, purple or any other colour of their choice. Similarly, for a boy can use blue, coral etc. this becomes very interesting and cheerful. Do not use dark and dominating colours rather focus on pastel and neutral shades. If you want to know the importance of deciding on a perfect colour, reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Go for pattern walls

The limitless opportunities of classic white walls are endless. The zones for a brother and sister can be assigned using breezy curtain backdrops that complement the bedspreads. Curtains may be used as soft partitions to make each bed into its own space.  Each of the cabins in this dove-hued bedroom encapsulates the essence of cosiness.

Choose a theme

You can choose themes for your kid’s bedroom rather than making it simple. These themes can be cartoon walls, or just simple textures and colours. For example, if you have a girl, you can have a Barbie theme whereas if you have a boy, you can have the Captain America theme. There are plenty of options and choices, depending upon what your kid loves. If you feel that having two themes in one bedroom would make it look weird, we must tell you that it makes the bedroom much more colourful and interesting. One of the best interior designers in Bangalore can help you choose really interesting themes, for your kid’s bedroom

Play area and creative space

In this period of lockdown, where the pandemic is at its peak, children need to stay inside. Hence, it is important to have some fun spaces in the room so that kids can feel Comfort. You can have some creative spaces in the room so that your kid can perform experiments. You can also have a play area with rugs and plenty of toys and games.


Having a music system in the room is also a good option, but most parents avoid it. Playing soulful music in the room can bring happiness and also cheer up children.

This was all about having a shared bedroom. It is not at all difficult to make a shared bedroom; all you need to focus upon is the ability of space. In the end, having a bunk bed with a study table and Almirah within the bunk bed seems to be a perfect option with lots of colourful decors. The room should be full of fun and should give you happy vibes. It should be made from a child’s point of view and mindset. If you want to know more about having a shared room, feel free to contact the best interior designers in Bangalore.