Mood boards are physical or digital collages which organize photographs, materials, text, and other elements of design into a format that is representative of the style and aesthetics. Mood boards may be used to build company designs, product designs, website designs, and just about every other form of project design.

Mood boards can be made in a particular theme or colourful. These can be relatable to a project, a brand or even a mood. These are considered as one of the best ways to convey design ideas to the clients. It brings out realism, one of the most important elements in the design. A mood board can be created with the help of images. These images can include product images, brand images, stock images or general pictures. You can follow any colour palette, from sea blue to lemon yellow. Mood boards are usually made for branding or advertising. They are visually attractive and May help in attracting customers. Apart from this, you can also use words, phrases to express a brand. These words can be written in different fonts and textures. These are used as a communication tool.

Here are some tips and tricks that may inspire you to create a mood board

  • A mood board may help you look beyond the digital world, all you have to do is put the images together and make it look interesting. For example, having various images with a proper caption can help convey people a better understanding of a brand. Similarly, it is a convenient source of spreading information.
  • Take pictures buyer self, you can collect as many pictures as you want by yourself. If you’re making a mood board with all the natural photographs clicked by yourself, is a different kind of inspiration. This will help you to understand your needs of creating a mood board.
  • Choose the proper format to make a mood board. Sometimes it happens that you have all the pictures but not a proper layout. Generally, an off-line mood board will be a loser in style whereas an online mood board would be tighter. This will help you to convey a theme of your brand.
  • Always prefer using large images, or a zoomed-in view. This will glorify all the colours and designs, emulsified the patterns and support your theme. Apart from this, it will attract people because of the variety of pictures.
  • It is not difficult to make a mood board, so don’t be afraid while making a physical mood board. These are made from the board. You will require cutting, chopping, extracting, adding, subtracting which sometimes is a tough job. But then it is a representative tool that can benefit you in various ways.
  • Make a mood board as per your needs and demands. Choose a perfect mood and tone for your mood board rather than following something that you don’t desire. Represent pictures that are a relatable forming an essential element of the mood board.
  • Keep up with originality, have your ideas and opinions. Instead of taking themes and ideas from other mood boards form something of your own. This will help you bring out more meaning and express things easily.
  • While designing a mood board, keep things loose for changes. If you’re presenting a mood board to any of your customers, don’t make it look final. Have a field of space to make changes and edits.
  • Make a mood board as per the needs of the audience. Make sure that you put all the things that attract consumers. While representing a board to customers, capture in every detail. For example, while showing a mood broad To select a particular colour, keep a check on the reactions. You will get to know which colour suits them best through their reaction.
  • Add words and text in different fonts to make your mood board look attractive. Use fantasy words or words that create a powerful impact on the outside world. These words should express a unique meaning and a lot about your brand.
  • Make sure that your mood board has a theme. This will make things easier. If your mood board does not have a theme, Ideas will field scattered and would not be able to express messages easily. You can pile of images, but unless and until they are not themed. It will make no sense.
  • Make a mood board that inspires emotion in the customers. Bringing emotion to any object is a difficult job, but yes if you do it, it can make a difference. When we relate material things with emotions, you get a different response. Similarly have a mood board attached to emotions.
  • It’s always advised to test your mood board, send it to various people to get their opinion and thoughts. Implement those thoughts and opinions and change the designs and textures of your mood board.
  • It’s not a job while making a mood board consider it as a fun activity rather than a stressful activity. Do it when it feels like rather than implementing it as a job.

Benefits of a Mood Board

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Let’s have a look at why these mood boards are worth spending time on.

  • These can be made digitally and manually, you can make lots of changes and customize it as per demands. There are various mediums to present your mood board.
  • Creating mood boards makes you professional. You can get a perfect idea of photography, a Layout, images, colour palette textures and fonts that you use. In the end, you will be in a better situation to understand layouts and colours more easily.
  • Mood boards reduce the time of design project thinking by creating a library of approved patterns or modules. Such artifacts can be used to create new sites and apps on the web easily.

Here it was all on how to make a mood board that Brings Out the magic within you. Keep in mind that while making a mood board you Brainstorm yourself with thoughts and ideas, themes that may attract people. Make something that is appealing to the eyes and expressing an idea.

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