Teens, adults, homemakers or a whole world in this case, has/have there own cleaning hacks. Whether, it is just seconds or minutes before you welcome a friend into your bedroom for the first time or one of those your mother decides to have a conversation with you. Although, they may be just to push through the moment or a fool proof plan you use every single time. Every cleaning hack in the book, is sure to be challenged at this point in time, when being clean today is more of a live saving tool, than another day in the calendar. 

Listed below are a few of the best ways used cleaning tips, hacks, ..call it whatever you may 

Work Space/ Study table 

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If your a student or a working professional, a human spends at least 20-30% of his/her life working /studying and doing whatever it takes under to sun to achieve a goal. Cleanse your work space everyday. If you don’t even use it regularly, make it a point to keep it sanitised. Keep a trash can next to your work space, before you end work for the day. Learn what stays the test of time and know what needs be disposed by the minute. Edibles and perishables should be disposed as soon as possible. Plastic bottles and such should be trashed as soon as they can be. Although, papers and more can be kept longer. 


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Clothes chocolate rappers, bottles and more are the most common line-ins on a bed. Although, the dirt may not seem a big deal for every individual, it is advised to keep it clean at this point in time, when the virus is said to spread without an end point. A dirty bed, is a catalyst for rodents, bed bugs, and such. Clean bedsheets, shed a lot of light on your personality and integrity. Also, it keeps you away from being exposed to the virus or any acquirable disease, that may cause harm to the mankind in the near future. 

Bathroom / Washroom 

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An unclean washroom, is an invitation for germs and diseases. Hence, it is only fair for you to keep the space you shower and morning errands clean. It surely, wouldn’t be a wise idea if you let your toothbrush absorb dust and rust. If your shower gel gets mixed with any contaminant, it may cause harm to your skin, hair, nails and your entire body as a whole. Keep your towel clean and ready to use before and after a shower. Keep those shaving blades clean and trash them if they rust. Also, keep the combs clean well before use to keep your scalp healthy . Moreover, a a clean bathroom a seamless touch to your morning, nights and weekends. 

Clean your lights 

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It is better to have it and not need it and not have it and need it. Install all the lighting you can, to create different moods in your room. Yet if you fail to keep them clean, there may not be any options in your kitty. Stock up the towels, tissues and more even if you may not need it at that point in time. Shelf it and use it when you need it. Keep them towels clean and sanitise them before you use them. 

Sanitise your walls and floors 

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At this point in time, the only place we stay forever and ever is our bedrooms, a private space we own behind four walls. It may be big or small in space, yet is important we keep the room clean by wiping and cleaning it regularly. Keep them away from stains, germs and anything effecting your’s or your family’s health or well being. Wear flip flops, masks and gloves, whenever you decide leave your room for a stroll or a walk. Put those socks, shoes, and your stinky sweat filled shorts and shoes inside your laundry basket. Keep it simple, keep it clean and tidy. 

As a testament to the cleanliness drive, we at Magnon Interiors a few days back went on to introduce our no contact services. Initial design conversations to right until the day your dream home is installed to life by our team of installers and site managers. Small doubts to important discussions about your the floor plan of your home. The best interior designers in Bangalore on our team, are at your service at given given, hour, week or month of the year on phone, video calls and mails. 

We intent to create, a revolution in the interior designer industry in terms of product price, delivery time time and after sales services. Also, if you aren’t happy with any of our services or don’t seem to find a bond with our interior designers, you are more than welcome to choose an appointment with our higher management. If the problem, doesn’t seem to fins and end even then, you can go ahead and cancel your order, no questions asked. 

Moreover, at this point in time when life is more important than lifestyle. We make sure even deep cleaning of your property is done before our team leaves your property for good. Furthermore, we make sure all the members in our team wear a pair of gloves, a mask and also have their own sanitisers while working at your property. 

Owing to the virus, nobody is certain about its exit. All we can do is act wise at this point in time and make sure we do our part in stopping the journey of the virus from one person to another. Hence, we suggest you take the needed steps to keep every room in your home clean and tidy. Cleanliness , is the only way to compact this diseases from effecting you or your family. As said earlier keep it simple, keep it clean. 

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