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During this pandemic, we have stayed at our homes all day. It is definite that seeing the same texture, the same colour, the same Furniture has just made a Block in our brains. Everybody needs refreshment, hence a renovation of your living room would do. Prominently, people have two coloured living rooms including black and white, brown and green, blue and white and sometimes grey and black. But what if we want to bring in the rainbow effect, or multicolor living room? First of all, making a multicolor living room is not at all a chaotic job. You need not require painting your walls or changing your flooring, rather just add colourful furniture, curtains, flowers, lamps, lanterns, cushions and a lot more. The only concern is that you need to get all of this at the right price, with the best quality. For this, you may reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore, as they can help you choose the perfect colour combination without making it look like a mess.

To be truthful, colorfully decorating your house could be quite cheerful and exciting; at the same time you would require professionals to assist you. Let us take a look at some of the most common ways by which you can incorporate colours in your room

COUCH – a couch is the focal point of your living room, it consumes almost 1/3rd of your living room and hence must be a style statement. If you are wishing to have the rainbow effect in your living room then having a colourful couch could be the best option. Nowadays, these are available in thousands of colours along with printed textures and designs. Either you can go for a bold colour couch and loaded with plenty of colourful cushions or you can go for a printed couch, with pastel cushions.

CONTRAST ISN’T EVERYTHING – we humans have an ideology that everything should be perfect and matched, from our clothes to our shoes. But, this ideology does not feel fit when you require a rainbow style house. You need to incorporate as many colours as possible, no matter how bold or light they are. For example, you can have a small yellow painting hung on your wall or a nice colourful lantern in the corner.

COLOUR BLOCKING TECHNIQUE– Color blocking is a method that involves mixing several distinct colours in huge, solid pieces, or blocks. It can be used to a great advantage in interior design. The bright, citrus hues are lively and joyful, yet the colour blocking method adds a sophisticated touch.

CHOOSE ARTWORK– Apart from Furniture, you can incorporate plenty of art work to bring in colours. For example, you can have a huge abstract painting or modern art. You can also incorporate traditional art because it is quite colourful and enriching. Not only this, there can be simple art pieces, structures, monuments to comply with your colourful living room.

COLOURFUL ACCESSORIES – these accessories include table lamps, pouffes, blankets, rugs, tissue holders etc. You can in colour by choosing different or multicolor pieces of all your accessories. Apart from this, do not make your living room a perfect room, you can leave it a bit comfy or relaxed.

INCORPORATE GREENERY– Its necessary to have plans in your house, because nowadays we live in small house and freshens is all what we need. Moreover, you get a natural colour that is quite pleasing to your eyes. You can have a pretty balcony, in which they can be plenty of flowering plants that can add colour to your living room. There are various plants which come with different coloured leaves; these can also be used in your living room. They just do not add colour, but also bring in charm and comfort.

TONAL VALUES– When it comes to colour, some people like to keep to the rule of threes, but as long as you stay to colours that have the same tonal value, you may use as many as you like! The furnishings and accessories in this space are predominantly jewel tones that mix almost effortlessly.

MINIMALISTIC LOOK – if you are thinking that you can only get a colourful appearance when you have plenty of items in your living room, then this is wrong. You can have a handful of items in your room and still make it look colourful. Imagine, having one sofa along with two bold coloured chairs maybe yellow and red, a multicolor rug, three paintings on a wall and just a colorful lamp. And yes, if you have a small living room then this layout could be the best. Always make sure that you have enough windows and open spaces, as this will glorify the furniture and colorful décor. Interior designers in Bangalore can help your find your perfect match of furniture and decor, making the room minimalistic.

FLOORING –could you imagine a carpet just like a chessboard but each block is painted in a different colour. Well, this could be the best way to incorporate plenty of colours in your living room. . These are also known as rainbow rugs and are just so adorable. If you have such flooring, you can keep everything simple in your living room

LAMPS– A new lamp, a lamp that has been revamped, or even a shade that has been updated gives colour and individuality to a living space. A pair of lights surrounding a piece of art or furniture can provide visible bursts of colour. Up cycle things or salvaged parts into fixtures that will add a new degree of flair to your house and try your hand at constructing your light.

These were some of the most common ways in which you can infuse hundreds of colours in your room. Apart from these methods, you can bring in wind-chimes, jute hangings, fairy lights, LED lights polka dots, and flowers in your living room. There is no perfect rule as to how you can make your living room, all you need to do is just portray your thoughts and feelings’ assuming that you are living room is the canvas. The more colourful it is, the better it will look. You may reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore, who may help you figure out how colours can be brought into your room at the right place.